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The Kingdom Business 

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Acts 6:4 But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

God’s consideration for giving assignment to people is not premised on fluency or look. 172 more words

Faith In Christ

Away with Idols

Since the days of Solomon, the Israelites had wrestled with idolatry and heinous sin. They worshiped false gods, practiced temple prostitution and even offered their children as sacrifices, as horrible as that sounds. 111 more words

Kingdom Business

Reflection from Romans

On our own, we just don’t have the power to get it all together. We know right from wrong, we know what we should and shouldn’t do, but we have a hard time doing the right thing. 135 more words

Kingdom Business

But Lord!

“Yes, Mom, I hear you! I’ll get my homework done and unload the dishwasher before I watch TV.” Brent looked his mom straight in the eyes and repeated her instructions. 358 more words

Kingdom Business

Don't Give In

This verse applies to either a son or daughter and, like never before, we need to talk openly and age-appropriately about how sin is enticing. Sin is perceived crazy fun — for a season. 156 more words

Kingdom Business

Happily Ever After

*Will you read a book or watch a movie if you know it has an unhappy ending? Explain.

*What are you looking forward to most in heaven? 155 more words

Kingdom Business

A Friend to Comfort

*If you were in pain, which friend (or friends) would you want by your side? Why?

*Which friend would you definitely not want around when you’re in pain? 226 more words

Kingdom Business