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Blessings in this bright MAY!

The writer has been reminded very often by the Lord about the importance of building up our own spiritual strength, … 1,664 more words

One Powerful Leadership Tool You Can Implement Today

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In this generation we are looking for authentic, real engagement and connection. We are hungry for real relationships, because we have seen fake and know that it doesn’t deliver. 495 more words

Kingdom Business

Covenant Sermon Series: Our Covenant with God

We’ve recently had a new sermon series on Covenant Relationships. We are spending a month learning about how the ideas behind “covenant” help us understand our relationship with God, with each other and with the world. 542 more words

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Kingdom Business Vision Trip

The first group to take a company vision trip this year recently returned from their adventures in the Netherlands and Hungary! We have been blessed by the stories they have shared with us and wanted to give you a glimpse into what they experienced. 551 more words

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Unlimited Increase

It’s not the noisy things we shout
That reflect God’s whereabouts.
But the small, quiet tones.
10%, that’s all we own.

Then God ‘writes’ His story, 39 more words

Supernatural Work Life

The world’s largest banner was paid for by the fans of  Uruguay’s Club National de Football. This banner was a big deal in expense, in size ,and in weight. 721 more words

Christian Walk


Listen to Jessica Jackley on poverty, money and love. She shows how you can make a difference in this world and still be dead centre in God’s will for you. 15 more words