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How Can I Make My Relationships Healthier?

When Jesus was asked what the most important commands were, he answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart,” and, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:30 – 31). 334 more words

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Giving Up The Lead

John the Baptist’s purpose in life was to prepare the way for the Messiah. He knew his purpose and never considered himself greater than the one who came after him. 451 more words

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The Most Overlooked (and Most Necessary) Skill In Your Organization

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The ability to cast vision, lead and organize is a gift from God. Check out what that means.

I once wrote “administration is a holy gift from God” in an email and someone asked me to explain.  477 more words


The Helmet of Salvation

“God gave Adam a suitable helper to his need to carry out the instruction God had previously given, and that is to rule. God didn’t give Eve to Adam just so he could have some company. 244 more words

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The Shield of Faith

“Experiencing a marriage where both partners are fulfilling their purpose doesn’t mean that every moment will be filled with bells and trumpets. It means that faith in God’s calling and direction for yourselves, and for each other, will often have to carry you through those mundane moments that show up as a normal part in everyone’s life.” Tony Evans… 288 more words

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Fair and Impartial

One function of leaders in Old Testament times was to help settle disagreements. These leaders needed to be wise and discerning as they heard both sides of a story, sorted through details, then determined a fair and impartial solution. 131 more words

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Physical Intimacy

Man and woman are radically different physically, emotionally and spiritually; yet they are designed by God to complement each other. To “become one flesh” combines all aspects of life. 283 more words

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