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Superheroes 3/10 - Essay due Monday

Hi guys,

I know we had a short class today, so just a refresher for Monday: you have that short essay due (here’s the rubric:  98 more words


Superheroes 3/9 - Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done

Today we talked about the Lord’s Prayer (“our father, who art in heaven…”) and wondered why this book would share a title with a line from it (“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”). 69 more words


Superheroes 3/7 - In class work

Hi everyone,

I can’t be in class today because I have a meeting, but you’ll be able to guide yourselves through the work today. (I may be back halfway through class.) 197 more words


Superheroes 3/3 - Is Superman boring?

We’ll finish up the discussion of whether or not Superman is boring on Monday.  For Monday, please finish Kingdom Come.


Superheroes 3/2 - Is Superman boring?

Today we focused exclusively on Superman. First, we talked about whether or not Superman’s superpowers make him a boring superhero. After all, if we know he can’t die, what would keep us interested in his story? 70 more words


Superheroes 2/28 - Captain Marvel and Kingdom Come

First we talked about institutions that people have put faith in over the years, either for governance, protection, leadership etc. Your classmates came up with organizations like the Salvation Army, the United Nations, banks, the FBI, the police and others. 145 more words


It's all Perspective. Enter 2017...

The new year’s transition into 2017 turned out to be an unusual one for me, as well as for others. Ordinarily you end one year with sad regrets of unfulfilled resolutions and enter the new year with ballooned cascades of hope-filled dreams and promises of a better year at all costs. 718 more words