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Songs for the Week of July 26th

I’ve decided to debut a new weekly article where I pick 5 songs that I really like that I think you should all take a look at. 734 more words

Kingdom Hearts II

Things Evan Anggono Likes

  1. Taking a shower after I go home from a rainy day with the windows slightly open and shutters closed
  2. When I beat a boss in a video game with less than 5% health left after hours of trial and error…
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-Mark Play's Old Games, Part 3 (Last Part) Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days- -(Video Games)- -Mark's Blog-

(There will be spoilers everywhere in this post so bewarn!!!)

Kingdom Hearts, probably one of my most favorite game franchises as of today. I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts II and, there was allot of grieving. 1,009 more words

Josh watches Mad Max movies

There’s a scene in David Lean’s war epic, Lawrence of Arabia, where the titular character explosively derails a moving train. That moment has a sort of exciting realism to it – because the crew actually blew up a moving train. 1,244 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

-Mark Plays Old Games- -(Video Games)- -Mark's Blog-

I started to look through my old ps2 games and now I think to my self, “WOW, these games are probably considered as legendary games and even one of the best games as well!” I encountered a few games that I really knew nothing about; … 373 more words

Kingdom Hearts II's Roxas No. 2, new from Play Arts Kai

The 2005 Square Enix action RPG was as stellar a hit as any of the video-game heavyweights of the noughties. It spawned a novel and a manga spin-off, and was known for its darkness and complexity in comparison to its predecessor. 116 more words

Shiro Amano Is Ending the Kingdom Hearts II Manga in May

Shiro Amano posted on Twitter that his Kingdom Hearts II manga will end in the 10th volume. He added that he will be ending the manga in its serialized form in the June 2015 issue of Square Enix’s… 132 more words