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Cosplay Blues, Pt. II

The first rule of cosplay is, try to make your costume look as accurate as possible to the character you’re trying to portray. So far, I got the following items for my female Sora cosplay: 528 more words

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Kingdom Hearts II - Part 2: Gameplay

On to Gameplay

Last time I rambled on and in some spots tried to explain the spaghetti that is Kingdom Hearts plot. This time we’re focusing on gameplay. 3,004 more words


Kingdom Hearts II - Part 1: Plot


Between Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2

Playing the original Kingdom Hearts again made me want to give this game another run. As I played I found myself comparing KH1 and KH2 a lot. 3,414 more words


Songs for the Week of July 26th

I’ve decided to debut a new weekly article where I pick 5 songs that I really like that I think you should all take a look at. 734 more words

Songs For The Week

Things Evan Anggono Likes

  1. Taking a shower after I go home from a rainy day with the windows slightly open and shutters closed
  2. When I beat a boss in a video game with less than 5% health left after hours of trial and error…
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-Mark Play's Old Games, Part 3 (Last Part) Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days- -(Video Games)- -Mark's Blog-

(There will be spoilers everywhere in this post so bewarn!!!)

Kingdom Hearts, probably one of my most favorite game franchises as of today. I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts II and, there was allot of grieving. 1,009 more words

Josh watches Mad Max movies

There’s a scene in David Lean’s war epic, Lawrence of Arabia, where the titular character explosively derails a moving train. That moment has a sort of exciting realism to it – because the crew actually blew up a moving train. 1,244 more words

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