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Vicious Gnolls (27|85)

Everyone knows the infamous gnoll Hogger, who lives with some other gnolls at Forest’s Edge, but did you know from what these gnolls made their tents up? 51 more words


Hidden cave with a tent (79|28)

This place is only accessable via flying mount and is located on the border to the Burning Steppes.

There is a little tent next to a small cave. 8 more words


RP inside (85|69)

This house located on the east side of Elwynn is one of the most wanted places for roleplay on probably all RP servers. It is a neat looking house with two floors, filled with furniture which looks like there are actually living people, but this house is completely NPC free. 24 more words


The infamous Goldshire Tavern

Goldshire – a well known place where mysterious things happen…

Located pretty much in the middle of Elwynn forest you will find Goldshire aka Pornshire, as it is called by some roleplayers. 73 more words


Elwynn Forest

Elwynn Forest – a zone which I think all players know pretty well. It’s the starting zone of the humans, with their capital city Stormwind led by King Varian Wrynn. 46 more words



On the entire road which leads up to the scarlet monastery you will see mutilated corpses tied up in the trees.

Mabye a warning from the scarlet crusaders?


Sacrifices (79|40)

Located ahead of the Scarlet Monastary there is this little place called Faol’s Rest made up from stone arches and wooden fences. Under the statue there is a little altar and on it you will find disturbing stuff: Burning candles, a chalice, a bowl and a cleaver placed on the insignia of the scarlet crusade. 11 more words