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Aris Kindt ~ Swann and Odette

Of the copious entry points into Aris Kindt’s Swann and Odette, the notion of memory—in all its complex wonderment—serves as the most logical. Francis Harris and Gabe Hedrick meld an impressive range of styles to bring their Proustian evocations to life. 306 more words


Latis, The Rooted Legend

From its beginnings, the world of Dragons and Dungeons has been described as a medieval fantasy place with its roots in the legends of dragons, unnatural beings and the determination of pursue fortune and glory facing evil and possibly death. 488 more words


Muslim-Ladakh relations

It is surprising to see that, sometimes, at the points where multiple civilizations merge, there is a blackhole about which we literally know nothing. Take for example, Dandakaranya – Bastar area. 3,097 more words

Indian Encyclopedia

Subliminal Story

And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

A powerful empath predicts the destruction of a foreign land. He goes up and meets the king of the land and advises them to prepare for war. 211 more words

Watch the first chapter of Game of Thrones' Conquest & Rebellion animated special

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Watch the first chapter of Game of Thrones’ Conquest & Rebellion animated special

Season 7 may be over but there’s still more Game in Thrones in store. 253 more words


The Rise of the Asante Empire (1680-1750)

By Nick Richwagen

Today the Ashanti (Asante) people number about 1 million, and inhabit central Ghana centered around the city of Kumasi. Their king, the… 2,470 more words

Would Daudi Ochieng, an Acholi, have made an excellent Katikiro of Buganda?

By Ssekajja via UAH forum

A true Muganda nationalist, should embrace the idea of even a non-Muganda, to be presented as Katikiro of Buganda, as long as they truly subscribe to the notion of defending and promoting the interests of the Kingdom. 121 more words