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Elusive Kinglet

Little birds in the Pacific Northwest brush flicker around from branch to branch in search of insects and other tasty things. They travel through the woods with other small birds like chickadees and kinglets. 262 more words


Golden-crowned Kinglet

Dad and I had an enjoyable couple of hours birding Bald Point State Park earlier today. Our optimism was high due to the passage of yesterday’s cold front and the park did not disappoint. 27 more words


Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

My Experience

When I first saw one of these sweet little birds on my suet feeder, I had no idea what it could be. I knew it was the right size for a kinglet but even when I used my binoculars, I could not see the crest that distinguishes a ruby-crowned kinglet from a golden-crowned kinglet. 570 more words


Spring Birding Resumes (for us) - April 23

Robins appeared on Feb. 18th!  this year (earliest ever!) in Our Woods, and we had a good day on April 23 when we saw a… 63 more words

Our Woods

Birding in late April means...

Usually the first two weeks of April are a slog to get through – it still looks and feels like March, cold north winds and long spells of rain manage to out-compete the longed-for southerly winds and warm, sunny days, and although migration should be well under way, it takes forever for the next spate of migrants to arrive. 2,318 more words

Mud Lake