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Watching The Smithtown Sunrise

Chasing rainbows late into the night
Full from liquid promises and pledges
Clock is spinning as final call gets called
Two lovers we stumble to find our fate… 79 more words

Spring Song

Exactly one week ago I was showing Ann Kullberg* around Kings Park.  This beautiful park is Perth’s botanic garden.  As we walked around, I told her that I had done a drawing of the spring wild flower display in 2012.   295 more words


Constant Emails, lies and threats....

Over the past 48 hours it has been a constant flood of emails, Serino making false allegations about me being up on charges in NJ, where neither Tereasa, Kimberly, or their vulgar friend Barb live, or me for that matter, which actually places any actions against me out of that states jurisdiction, but it happens to be the state where Serino has faced several charges of cyber crimes and she claims that somehow she has used her case there to open a case against a multitude of people that she claims has harassed her, and in her many many long ranting emails she even accused me of being friends with people that I have never had any contact with in my entire life and of course more false allegations of being a cash only therapist and claims that I lied about my professional history, which I have never done in my life, just because she only searched a state I haven’t live in since 1993 and found that my license there happens to have expired in 1993 (wow go figure that I would not be licensed in a state that I no longer live in, right?) 597 more words

Columbus Ohio

Down, down, prices are down

Yesterday Dodgy Perth delved into the less-than-grown-up way our politicians planned the State War Memorial. Now the story continues.

Location, location, location. There’s no denying that the Memorial has all three. 462 more words


The war over the memorial

As state war memorials go, WA’s is pitiful. The first meeting to kick off the project—in February 1924—was a sign it was always going to be a calamity. 362 more words


Hot property

The one thing you quickly learn in the history and heritage business is that no story is ever as simple as you’d like it to be. 162 more words


Durban Sharks v Western Force, Saturday 28th March 2015, 5.05pm

We’d had completely different plans for this Durban weekend. The South African FA had announced a friendly against Argentina and we’d intended to travel on the overnight posh train. 552 more words