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Bryce + Brev { 10th & 3rd Birthday }

date | 06.28.15

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Tiled Bathroom Refresh

This Ceramic tiled bathroom with shower was installed at house Wilmslow and was overdue a refresh. You can see from the photographs below that the bathroom was looking tired and the tile and grout was discoloured with mould and acid build-up from washing products.
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Cleaning Services

Off to Kingswood!

We’re all packed and ready to go to Kingswood, we’re very excited to do lots of different activities!

See you on Monday!

My Echo & Kingswood @ Commercial Hotel, South Morang [June 13 2015]

What a night. I’m not going to lie, there were tears! My last Kingswood and My Echo show for a while, especially with¬†Kingswood heading back to the States indefinitely. 191 more words

My Echo & Kingswood @ Hallam Hotel [June 12 2015]

Of all places, Kingswood chose to play the Hallam Hotel last night – the middle of nowhere! My Echo supported again – whoever keeps pairing these two bands together is my new best friend. 51 more words

My Echo & Kingswood @ Melbourne Public [June 7 2015]

My Sunday nights are normally taken up by software releases, so when my Sunday became free unexpectedly, I grabbed the opportunity to run down to Melbourne Public and catch two of my favourite bands. 187 more words