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Eating At The Local Place

Let me share what happened to me today, after doing all the household chores this morning I kinda feel tired to cook lunch. Luckily! Our friend neighbor knocked in our door and asked us to have lunch outside since she is also tired from doing the chores too. 327 more words


My Ex's Out of Control Adobo and Kinilaw

You should’ve had my baby.

What a way to start a conversation.

Last week an ex almost gave me a heart attack with that text. 2,270 more words


Kinilaw nga Isda

I am a fan of kinilaw or any food with vinegar or acid for the matter. In fact, I enjoy batchoy with vinegar more than with the typical soy sauce. 121 more words

Food And Cooking

Kinilaw - Spicy Filipino Ceviche

A few years back its a little known fact that I lived in the Phillipines for 4 long months. I say long months because we were in very small village called Padre Burgos (their closest ‘city’ being Maasin) in what was basically a bunker. 509 more words

Kinilaw na Tinga San Baluko

During my family’s last visit to Sorsogon, I brought a kilo of tinga sin baluko. My uncle, who is a great cook, suggested to try… 67 more words


Kinilaw - a local ceviche

To those who are wondering what this dish is made of; it’s raw fish seasoned with local herbs and onions. The vinegar and graciously ferments the fish, cooking it lightly added with fresh coconut milk for some earthy touches. 17 more words


Day 76: Pigging Out

classic savory’s chicken


boneless lechon

fried shrimp.

she was hungry so we drag her to the nearest lechonan. :D

waiting for our order.

bicol express… 12 more words

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