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Kyoto's hidden beauty: Mengagumi Kemewahan Emas Kinkakuji, Kekuatan di balik Kesederhanaan Kiyomizudera, Makan Unagi "belut steroid" di Gion

Gold all in my chain, gold all in my ring
Gold all in my watch
Don’t believe me just watch
Nigga, nigga, nigga
Don’t believe me, just watch…

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Kinkaku-ji , The Golden Temple

There is rarely a comparable place in Japan to be found, a place that will captivate its visitor in such a unique and astonishing way. The perfectly kept garden, the golden temple itself, the surrounding grounds and also its location at the small, peaceful lake… 397 more words


Kyoto, Japan: Two Years and Counting

I would tell my husband not to buy me stuff for anniversaries. Instead, I would like him to bring me somewhere we’ve never been before. It’s always nice to experience something together for the first time. 1,245 more words


Golden Week Adventures: To Kyoto!

It’s been awhile everyone! Yes, I know, sorry. I should’ve put out a post before I left on vacation, but I had literally NO TIME. From the second I posted my last article to now has been just non-stop, can’t stop, all the things!!! 1,413 more words

Travels In Japan

Day trip to Kyoto(2)-Ginjkaku-Ji and Kinkaku-ji(+a bit of Fushimi Inari)

Before I talk about those two confusing name temples, I want to talk about one of the most special and unique foods in Kyoto.

After my sister and I finished touring Kiyomizu-dera, we headed to Gion to look for lunch place. 1,248 more words


Kyoto: My Favorite City

Travel Period: November 2016

Kyoto is one of my favorite places ever! It’s such a beautiful ancient city. Kyoto’s most picturesque sites are the numerous temples and shrines showcasing Japan’s rich traditions and culture, which I think were carefully preserved amidst its fast modernization. 970 more words