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Kawaii in Kyoto

Just last week Catherine, Anita and I flew down to Kyoto to spend some time exploring Japan’s old capital. Kyoto itself doesn’t have an airport, so you have to fly in to Osaka and then get the train in. 661 more words



Found only in one of Japan’s most beautiful places, Kyoto, is Kinkaku-ji, also known as the Golden Pavilion.

People rave about this place, and well, you can see why. 150 more words


KINKAKUJI 金閣寺 (the Golden Pavilion & the crowd)

“A zen temple in a not so “zen” surrounding”- this briefly sums up my experience with Kinkakuji.

We were too confident believing that a trip to Kyoto in a chilly winter would help us to avoid the horror of having to sardine ourselves amidst throngs of eager tourists. 305 more words


Philosopher's Path, Kyoto

I seem to start every blog post with a ‘sorry, I’ve been really busy and haven’t posted for a while’ disclaimer.  I genuinely have been extremely busy with my photography course and… 368 more words


Snow Days in Kyoto

Late December and early January were really cold throughout Japan. On New Year’s Day, there was a huge snowstorm across the country! As a Southern Californian who never had any real experience with snow, I was absolutely pumped to be out playing in the snow. 396 more words


[Temple] Kinkakuji temple (Rokuonji temple)

Located in the Kinugasa of Kyoto, golden temple, Kinkaku-ji temple (Temple of the Golden Pavilion).

Its formal name is Rokuon-ji temple.

Rokuon-ji is temple of the Rinzai sect Shōkoku-ji school in Kyoto city north district. 89 more words


Temples and food, life's necessities

I’m sorry if this blog turns into one massive mess of temples and food. I can’t help it… Here is the first picture dump, I’ll label and explain bits as I go…. 82 more words