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Kyoto and the Golden Pavilion

October 21st, 2017

Our visit to Kyoto started with a trip to the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji 金閣寺), a Zen temple where the top two floors are covered with gold leaf.  450 more words


Kinkakuji (Kyoto)

The crown jewel of a visit to Kinkakuji is the famous Golden Pavilion and the image everyone wants to see is that of a shimmering pavilion reflected in the water of Kinkakuji’s pond. 504 more words

Osaka-Kyoto Day 2: Hop-on Hop Off Heritage Tour

On day 2, we took the K’Loop – the tourist loop bus exploring Kyoto’s popular tourist destinations and heritage sites and visited the beautiful temples. The bus departed from Kyoto Station, Hachijyo Gate (South Main) at 9am. 773 more words


Amazing Japan

TRAVEL is one of the best forms of education, better than school. You get to see new things, eat new things, encounter new people, experience a whole new culture, an unfamiliar season, or an entirely different language. 668 more words


Kansai Trip : Golden Temple and Bamboo Forest

January 2nd 2018

Ueda-san, our host in Kyoto prepared miso soup for breakfast. she also allowed us to use the tea, coffee, those Japanese snacks and candies that taste sooo great. 822 more words


Conflagration (炎上)

  • 炎上 (Conflagration), 1/23/11 (Sun), Tokyo

Ichikawa Kon’s 1958 film version of Mishima’s then-recent novel Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavilion), a fictionalization of the notorious incident just a few years earlier when a crazed monk burned down the centuries-old structure. 1,014 more words


A temple for every occasion

With Kyoto’s 1600 Buddhist temples, and 400 Shinto shrines to choose from, we narrowed our visit down to some very different standouts.

Temple of gold… 682 more words