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Fast Tracking Kyoto

Kyoto in one day? How far can one go?

One fine Saturday in April, while in Osaka for a 2-week stint, I and my co-facilitators in a spring English camp for adults set off on a day-long journey. 1,277 more words

Delightful Destinations

Casual Japanese Vacation

Japan is a quick hour and fifteen minute plane flight from Seoul, so last weekend I hopped over to Osaka and Kyoto! It was a whirlwind of a trip, only two days, so I think I’ll just have to visit again. 716 more words

Spring Vacation Part 3

The time had come to leave Tomioka, but not before we had coffee with my friend Margaret Cai.  I first met her in the role of our translator with one of our school trips to Tomioka about 6 years ago.  1,184 more words

Kyoto - November 2014

Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, known for its traditions.

As someone living in Osaka, I hear quite often that the people of Kyoto look down onto the people from Osaka and that vice versa, Osaka makes fun of Kyoto. 587 more words

Eurasian Bliss

Day 5 + 6 + 7: Kyotoooooo + Osakaaaaaa

Hey guys. Michaela here. I’m overdue with this post so it’s gonna be long. Bear with me. Heh.

Kansai. What a privilege it’s been traveling between Kyoto and Osaka for the last couple of days. 1,054 more words

Part III - KYOTO (1 day) and memories of Japan that will remain with me

Osaka to Kyoto: It’s barely a 20 min Shinkansen ride, so don’t bother buying reserved tickets. We traveled comfortably in a near empty non reserved coach and spent around Yen 5000 for two people. 470 more words