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Need Sunglasses For This Zen Temple

This is Kinkaku-ji.  This is a must-see when one visits Kyoto, otherwise it’s like visiting a Haagen-Daz parlour and ordering only the wafer and not the ice-cream. 488 more words



I definitely didn’t get to see all of Kyoto in a day, but was able to see a lot of really great places! Part of that is because touring around Kyoto is really easy since they have buses that will take you from, for example, Kiyomizu Temple to Kinkakuji. 679 more words

Trip To Japan - Kyoto (Part 3)

Arashiyama and Sagano

One of the most visited places in Kyoto. (To get the best shot of bamboo groves and post on Instagram)

Arashiyama has quite a number of tourists attractions to visit such as shrines, streets, restaurants and taking their Hozugawa River Cruises or Sagano Romantic Train for a scenic view. 657 more words



This should be final post for 2016. I hope that my travel blog has been interesting and filled with much excitement.

Before I go into my final post, I want to talk about a snack that I got from Arashiyama. 365 more words


After breakfast we set out to see more of Kyoto. We bought day tickets for the buses and then managed to get on the wrong bus so we had a view of the non-tourist area of the town before returning to the station and going on to the Golden Pavilion or… 178 more words


Osaka with The Squad


This was the hashtag I used in my social media posts during our recent trip to Japan. Unlike my previous travels, I didn’t go solo on this one ‘cause I personally thought that the awesomeness of Osaka (and Kyoto) can be best experienced when you have someone to share it with. 1,593 more words


Japan Trip 2016 [Kyoto] - The Golden Pavilion and The Market

Every once in a while you get to stare the gorgeous view on a wallpaper on your phone, your laptop or even a poster and wishing you could be there one day. 1,226 more words

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