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Centuries, childhood, and summertime

Last Monday, I turned 25. I don’t really know what this means, other than a complete and utter naff all. But according to a million and one sources across Google, I’m 25 now, which means that my brain will begin to lose its plasticity, which means I can no longer claim youthfulness as an excuse for my behaviour, which means I can no longer shirk off the responsibilities of being an adult. 469 more words

Adventure Cycling

Flat Calm

Paddle across to Gigha yesterday with Morag and it was an amazing flat calm afternoon. 20 more words


Mapping the Clyde bioregion

It’s not possible to encapsulate a bioregion in a single map. In 2015 McCloskey created one for “Cascadia”, the name given to the huge bioregion of a mighty part of the western seaboard of the USA and Canada. 237 more words


Day 18


A long day travelling from the Kintyre peninsula to the Cairngorms. It never ceases to amaze us how diverse the Scottish landscape is, and how each area abounds in beauty. 73 more words


A Ghost Fleet, Vanishing Rivers and Strange Booms in 1712 #History #Scotland

At sunset, within a mile of Penpont in Dumfriesshire in March, 1712, a “ghost fleet” appeared in the sky:

‘Mr Elder, a neighbouring Minister, and within a mile of the place where this was seen, tells me that in March last , about a mile from Penpont, the Laird of Wattersyde, a factor of the Duke of Queensberry’s, from whom Mr Elder hath this accompt, and some scores, if not hundred, of people sau this apparition in the air one evening, about sunsett. 499 more words


I moved to Scotland last Summer and travelled for a while before settling in the East Nuek of Fife. One of my first commissions was to paint the arms of a Scots Baron who  resides in the United States of America. 391 more words

Heraldic Art

Wind Tower Failure

I have cut down on the amount of landscape photography that I am doing as I have found myself returning to the same locations too often. 1,189 more words