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Death SWAT suspect tweets threats from jail using buggy inmate kiosk

A few things you might not want to do next time you’re in jail for an alleged SWATting that got a man killed: tweet that you’re an eGod … 653 more words


The Kiosk Man

“Come on Frankie, I need to get a dress today. Before all the good ones disappear…” Jill whines in the passengers side seat of my car. 1,579 more words

Writing Prompts

Forest kiosk

Photo: Forest kiosk, (c) 2steps.gr
Equipment: Pinhole Lens Cap (PLC), Νikon d3000

Pinhole Photography


Sunday, the week that just ended, at around 6 in the evening I was heading to the kiosk to buy credit. A woman and her, say 4 year old son were walking beside me. 488 more words


Tablet kiosk: Buy the Tablet Kiosk Online at Low Prices in Canada

A tablet is an interesting machine. With the advancement of time and science, technology has been constantly evolved, recreated, and redefined to meet the preferences and convenience of the people. 464 more words


Bill Payment Kiosks

Bill Payment Kiosks that allow customers to pay all their bills in one stop.Discover the advantages offered by self-service bill pay kiosks, and learn why they’ll increase each the biller’s and also the retailer’s bottom line.Many customers still need to pay their bills face to face, and in money, however it’s not cost effective for service suppliers to take care of a full-time payment process center. 375 more words