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The Enduring Kippah: Why and When Do We Wear One?

The Kippah: Why Do We Wear It?

A few posts back we were talking about frum clothing and I mentioned the kippah or yarmulke as it is known in Yiddish. 291 more words


How to Find Your Perfect Satin Kippah

Commemorate any occasion in style while you hold your head high with pride of wearing an amazing and fashionable satin kippah that perfectly fits on you. 484 more words


Γιατί οι Κάννες απαγόρευσαν το μαγιό-burka;

Ο δήμαρχος των Καννών απαγορεύει στις γυναίκες Μουσουλμάνες να φορούν burkini “σύμβολο του Ισλαμικού εξτρεμισμού”. 23 more words


The World's First Interfaith Hijab

As I was sat in the cafeteria of my hotel, I could see this lady (pictured) watching me from the corner of my eye.

After a few moments, one of her friends approached me, pointed at their friend and said: “Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but my friend Susan wants to know how you wrapped your hijab.” 274 more words


Weavings for End of the School Year Ants in the Pants

I like to save my tactile art projects for the “End of the School Year Ants in the Pants” syndrome, as I call it.  One of the projects I’ve done in the past that has been met with tremendous success – would be the Plate weavings.   147 more words


Friday evening through the next day til dusk,

The Sabbath comes for Jews…

A time of peace and family

Your kippah (Kippot)  to use.

50 more words

Why do orthodox Jewish men wear a kippah or skullcap?

With Jewish groups in Europe warning Jewish men against wearing a kippah or skullcap in public for fear of attack, I was a bit curious as to why they actually wore one. 843 more words