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Boro Hat

If you read my first article about sashiko, you will have heard I was making a hat using sashiko. This post is about that hat project, which I finished sewing a fortnight ago. 1,291 more words


A Friendly Reminder

To the left:

The International Synagogue in Tel Aviv, today, a lazy and sunny Friday afternoon. Still quiet before Shabbat. No iron fence. No military guards outside, armed with automatic rifles. 73 more words


Yesterday I went for a walk and saw a man across the street, wearing a small hat. It looked very much like one of these: 411 more words


The Turban, The Skull Cap (Kippah), The Hijab, The Cross and the Sanitary Towel & The European Court of Justice

So harrowing is the nature of the European Court of Justice ruling on banning religious insignia, I start this blog with a Christian Prayer.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. 779 more words


Color Your World 2017: Midnight Blue

Star of David

Kippah (Hebrew) or Yarmulke (Yiddish) in the window of a shop selling Judaica in Venice, Italy.

Jennifer’s 2017 Color Your World Challenge: Midnight Blue


The Liturgy of Humanistic Judaism

Liturgy and Humanism are not words that people instinctively relate to one another. Yet if shabbat and holiday celebrations are to be meaningful in Humanistic Judaism, a dynamic and engaging liturgy must be utilized. 3,786 more words