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Max's Propeller Kippah

I finished my latest kippah project last night, and he seems to like it. Like, he found it on the morning, asked to put it on, and he’s been pretending to fly ever since. 557 more words

Kippahs In the Kitchen

I don’t have a full painting for you since unfortunately I knocked my rinse water all over my painting.  Such sadness.  However I did have some video before it got ruined.   53 more words


To Each Their Own

“Etsy offers some truly fascinating options in the way of DIY religious paraphernalia; whether it’s chintzy Wiccan charms or chic, modern crucifixes, there are niche articles of worship for nearly every strain of spirituality. 44 more words

The News

The View From The Men's Side

Today I spent the first half of the day at the orthodox shul for Shavuos services. Even though the modern part of me isn’t okay with the mechitza, there’s another part of me that doesn’t mind it. 246 more words


Does Naftaliyah wear a Kippah?

It’s been a while. A lot of questions have come up in my life because of my transition. Questions about sexuality, relationships, faith, dress, and the list goes on.  155 more words


Meet Jeremy England -- 'The Next Charles Darwin'

OZY: On a sunny afternoon, at a bustling cafe less than a mile from Stanford University’s Palo Alto campus and more than 5,000 miles from his home, an assistant professor from MIT is telling me about science. 116 more words


Josef Schuster, president of Germany's Central Council of Jews, advises against wearing yarmulke in public

Der Spiegel: Before Mark Krasnov leaves his Berlin home, he always asks himself: Should I play it safe or should I wear the kippah? “I don’t want to provoke anyone or for people to get any silly ideas,” says the 26-year-old Jewish man. 97 more words