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Chapter 72

If there had ever been an opportunity to sneak out of the room without confronting the Texan, that opportunity had clearly passed. The black-haired waitress was nowhere to be seen. 3,911 more words


Kira's Bio

Hello, I’m Kira. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I grew up spending my summers at the beach where I learned how to swim, surf and eventually scuba dive. 369 more words

Precious Plastic


The last time I spoke with my therapist she said I was going to have to make a decision. I knew she was right, I had known it for a long time but there were things I had to understand about myself before I could do what was best for myself. 19 more words


Chapter 71

A rush of contradicting ideas popped into my head all at once, urging me to run, to hide, to play it cool, to flip a table as a distraction…all that and more, instantly crystal clear in my mind’s eye. 3,024 more words


Chapter 70

Over several plates filled with a variety of fried foods, as well as no fewer than two bottles of alcohol split between the four of us, Akira and Kira explained their situation. 3,418 more words


Talking to Myself

Sitting here, thinking of what to write, I realize I am really just talking to myself and anyone reading this is just listening in on a one way conversation. 336 more words


When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

When I was a child I was often teased for talking too much. As I grew older I learned to keep certain things to myself until I reached a point where it was easier to keep it all locked inside behind the walls I built, both for my  397 more words