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Ichigo uses Blut Vene!! Ichigo vs Juha Bach - Bleach 513

Bleach 513 blows me away with the awesomeness it has. We first see Byakuya’s last moments as he walks to find something. Ichigo’s rampage against Juha Bach continues as Ichigo goes on an all out anger driven fight against Juha. 586 more words


Who Killed Kirge Opie? - Bleach 500

The latest Bleach 500 Chapter has asked some unanswerable questions. The first of which is Who Killed Kirge Opie? The end of Bleach 500 revealed that Kirge Opie was literally cut in half when this mysterious person sliced him up. 500 more words

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Ichigo, Save Us! - Kirge's Mystery Killer - Bleach 500

Bleach 500 is a big achievement for Bleach as they’ve reached their 500th Chapter! Bleach 500 begins as Soul Society distributes the news that Ichigo is coming to save them. 815 more words


Ichigo's path to Soul Society is Blocked - Urahara analyzes Quincy Powers - Bleach 499

Bleach 499 has an epic start with an epic end. We find out that Ichigo is on his way to Soul Society when Kirge Opie stands up again to block his path. 837 more words


Ichigo goes to Soul Society - Kirge is Hit from Urahara - Bleach 498

Bleach 498 continues as Akon tries to communicate with Ichigo but has to talk to Urahara. Akon learns that Ichigo is one tough guy who’s in Hueco Mundo fighting Kirge Opie. 898 more words


Vandenreich's Invasion Begins - Bleach 493

The war continues with Bleach 493. Bleach 493 has a whole lot of amazing fights and the story gets even better as the Vandenreich Leader arrives in Soul Society to destroy everything in his path. 656 more words