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Can Kiribati Simultaneously Grow and Sink ?

A few weeks ago, an Australian columnist discussed Kiribati and the funding is receives from Aus Aid and whether it ‘cries climate change’ in order to keep receiving it. 752 more words

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WATER WORLD: The Potential Implications of Sea Level Rise

One hundred thousand people, eight hundred square kilometers, and thirty three reef atolls comprise one country that will be underwater by the end of the century: Kiribati. 1,033 more words


Three Species of Feces

“When the apocalypse happens, this place won’t even feel it,” Brian observed. We were wandering the equatorially-scorched, dusty streets of Tarawa, the capital island of Kiribati, a place we’d been told to “get in and get out as fast as you can.” No two cruisers are alike and we often love places that other sailors hate, but this was surreal: an atoll mere inches above sea level where the population is bursting over its sandy seams as the land literally disappears from underneath them, where the shoreline is shored up with trash and the public beach is the public toilet, where people are still living on and digging up the remains of thousands of… 1,152 more words


Kiribati student graduate after civil aviation training

STUDENTS from Kiribati and Tuvalu are the latest group to graduate from Airports Fiji Ltd’s aerodrome flight information service training yesterday.

Airports Fiji Ltd general manager air traffic management and aviation training Isei Tudreu said the seven students would return to their countries enriched with practical and theoretical knowledge. 133 more words

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Off-Beat Post: Food for Thought

Below are some snapshots from an NPR documentary I came across recently. Maybe I am infringing copyrights, but the message is far too important to think about them. 800 more words


Climate Change - not just an environmental issue

In my last blog post, The global village called, they want their diversity back, I discussed the cultural issues that minor countries suffered as a result of globalisation. 430 more words


And Now, I’ll Show You Climate Change!

The kids are always the first to spot what’s coming. They have safety in numbers, proceeding in a pack out of the palm shadows to the edge of the beach to eventually wave abundantly at us I-Matang in our funny hats riding ashore in a rubber boat with wheels. 1,533 more words