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Help Getting Here - Life Support Manikins

We decided that we should try and get some training aids for the hospital, specifically around paediatric and neonatal life support.  After discussiing their needs with the Senior Paeds Nurse, we decided that we would buy: 147 more words


Getting around South Tarawa isn’t too hard. There are plenty of buses, well mini-buses. They scream around the single road, overtaking on blind corners, speeding pulling out randomly. 453 more words

A better word than joy?

I knew from the beginning that my second novel would be centered around the theme of joy. My first novel was all about our connection to others; I wanted this one to celebrate the authenticity of being oneself. 247 more words


The Noise

everyone yells. I am sitting at someone’s house, waiting for the truck that is taking the pre school kids to bouta to plant some mangrove, and all the parents are LOUD! 135 more words

Ponds at Fish Farm

Tao mwiin 5am ao I aki tabwara ma I ana au camera ma au tripod ao man ruo nakon te kaa. A tuai uti kaain batau bwa are e tuai rangi n ota aingaia are I a bonako naba. 298 more words


Buses – a practical introduction

Catching a bus uses the same ubiquitous signal as anywhere else in the world – stick your arm out. Eli has taken to just standing there holding his arm out, very cute. 592 more words


Eli is 4, and we decided that a good way for him to join in with the local kids and culture is to go to a local school. 628 more words