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Stand Up to Racism! Climate #RefugeesWelcome #BlackLivesMatter

We joined a lively demonstration to mark UN anti-racism day on March 19 to stand in solidarity against attempts to divide our communities. We wanted to support the aim of the march to oppose the treatment of refugees in Europe and the rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes. 600 more words


The Least Visited Countries In The World That You Don't Have To Be Afraid To Go To

The Least Visited Countries In The World That You Don’t Have To Be Afraid To Go To.

“In any case, a little danger is a small price to pay for ridding a place of tourists.” Tahir Shah… 503 more words


"A fairer way to pay for Cyclone Winston" (edited article in Fiji Times, 12 March 2016)

A fairer way to pay for Winston (FT, 12 March 2016)

Great credit is due to the Fiji public, social organizations, international donors, some corporations, and Opposition Members of Parliament who have responded most positively in providing resources for victims of Cyclone Winston. 1,656 more words


Save the world through Slackitvism?

Well I can resonate well with the title. We, the youth are constantly shaming, criticising and pointing fingers at people whom are to blame for all the worlds problems. 433 more words

Surprising Spam: I-Kiribati te bua toro ni baukin

Our six-month wedding anniversary was a couple of weeks ago, and we acknowledged this by having dinner at London’s Archipelago restaurant. Archipelago is renowned for its exotic dishes, describing itself as ‘London’s culinary portal to world cuisine,’ and we enjoyed such unusual delicacies as python, crocodile, kangaroo, alpaca and even mealworms. 542 more words


Building a Wall (written for The Big Issue)

Hello friends,

The past couple of months have been busy to say the least and this website has had to take a back seat! Just before Christmas, my partner (Seamus) and I welcomed our first child – a little girl called Matari Una. 1,826 more words

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High Heat, High Inequality

2015 was the hottest year on record…. again. With temperatures continuing to rise the impacts of a hotter climate continue as well, affecting millions of people around the globe. 513 more words

Climate Change