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At The Wharf

Aikai kaibuke (wa-uawa) are a bae ma rarikin te uaabu are i Betio ni uakaan ma te jetty. E karako te koraki n ririaki n te aono aio kioina bwa e a tibwa ingabong. 30 more words


Islington locals are taking a stand against climate change this winter

The scene is set in Westminster, London. An area once inhabited by thousands is a flooded ghost town. What used to be the home to England’s houses of parliament has been deserted and is entirely submerged. 777 more words

USP Kiribati Campus

This photo is just about a day old as I took it yesterday morning (5/12/17) at around 7am. Luckily, the security allowed me to take few photos of this building. 48 more words


Anteitai Marketplace

The scene facing you is a spot close to KPF Complex in Bairiki. This particular area has always been called ‘Anteitai Marketplace’. Few months before the shot was taken, the fire accidently broke out here destroying almost all the marketing tents/stores built here. 88 more words


The Rising Islands of Oceania

The volcanic island of Ambae in northern Vanuatu rose from obscurity into world news in September after ash and gases began spewing ominously from its volcanic crater. 774 more words


Kiribati - A Drowning Paradise in the South Pacific

The island nation of Kiribati in the South Pacific is at risk of disappearing into the sea. Climate change is causing sea levels to rise but the island’s inhabitants aren’t giving up. 238 more words