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Weightlifter from Kiribati is by far the Olympics' best dancer

We’ve already seen some killer moves from Kazakhstan’s Nijat Rahimov after winning gold in weightlifting, but check out what Kiribati’s David Katoatau is serving up: Pretty incredible. 35 more words


Rising Seas

by Owen Dubeck

Coral Davenport summarizes the effects of rising sea levels across Kiribati, Greenland, Panama, Fiji and the United States. Kiribati, a chain of islands northwest of Australia, will see some of the worst consequences. 358 more words

Climate Change

The extinction of the last wooly mammoths is a snapshot of our coastal future

This week researchers published a study investigating the extinction of the world’s final surviving wooly mammoths on St. Paul Island in the Bering Strait. While their kind disappeared in Europe and Siberia around 10,000 years ago, this small population of giants lived peacefully for nearly 5000 years more. 612 more words

Water Security

Macro Postage - Oceania

Took my macro lens out to play with some of my wife’s stash of foreign correspondence (from her time working with BBC World Service). All photos shot with my Nikon Df, 105mm macro lens, and natural light. Next up: Oceania.


Food of Ghosts (Kiribati)

by Marianne Wheelaghan

DS Louisa Townsend is part I-Kiribati, part I-Matang. She is a germiphobe, who struggles constantly and valiantly against the part of her mind that wants her to hole up in her cottage, endlessly cleaning and sterilizing. 552 more words


Independence Day (Kiribati)

Yesterday (July 12) was Independence Day in the Republic of Kiribati, an island nation in Micronesia, which gained it’s independence in 1979 from the UK! 26 more words

National Holidays

The Armor of God (KIRIBATI: Bible NT)


Ephesians (Ebeto) 6:10-18

10 Te kabanea: kam na korakora i nanon te Uea, ao ni korakorani mwaakana.

11 Kam na karini bwaini buaka nako ake mai iroun te Atua aika bwaini kamanoan rabwatami, bwa kam aonga ni konaa n tei ni kaaitarai aron te riaaboro ni wanawana aika a bureburea te aba. 212 more words