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Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) is an independent republic within the Commonwealth of Nations, located in the central Pacific Ocean, about 4,000 km (about 2,500 mi) southwest of Hawaii. 690 more words


Australia's Microstate Visa brings in Kiribati workers

In 2015, the Australian Government put in place a pilot ‘Microstate Visa’ policy as a migration pathway for the small Pacific Island states of Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu. 536 more words


About 2017

Welcome to our traditional new year’s post, my Earthling friends! :) Yes, again we will open the new year with a song from Iron Maiden. Up the Irons! 766 more words


Looking into the future, or back into the past?

In truth, there are probably only 2 days in the year when people really notice the importance of the day of the year, one is New Years Day, the other is tomorrow, or already, in some parts of the world, today, that is Christmas Day! 539 more words

70's Pop


‘Ujae Island was part of Ujae Atoll, which, like every coral atoll, was a thin ring of reef studded with islets surrounding a lagoon. Ujae sat perched between the inner lagoon and outer ocean, and I quickly understood that the essential axis of the island was ocean-lagoon, not east-west or north-south. 350 more words

Pacific Islands Literature

The Saddest Olympic Celebration

What do you do when you’re competing for a country that might disappear? You dance. 210 more words


#121) Book review: "The Sex Lives of Cannibals"

It’s hard not to have one’s interest piqued by a book with a title such as “The Sex Lives of Cannibals” but it also begs the question if the rest of the book will live up to that promise. 994 more words