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吉里巴斯 Kiribati。 飲食 Food

吉里巴斯的主食為米飯、魚、麵包果等澱粉類食物,基本上島民的食量都相當驚人,除了食量龐大的因素外,還有龐大的家族人口,所以他們都是用特大的盤子或是塑膠盆來承裝食物。 蔬菜和水果在當地是極昂貴食材、不易取得。

Kiribati main food are rice, fish, breadfruit and some other starchy foods. Basically islanders eat a lot and due to their massive family members, they always put the foods in big plate or in washbowl. 264 more words

吉里巴斯 Kiribati- Tarawa

Howland Island National Wildlife Refuge, Kiribati

The new year is supposed to bring hope and excitement. Things didn’t go as planned this time. A partial government shutdown began just days before Christmas. 384 more words


Iacta alea est

Over Christmas and the New Year, I’ve greatly relished spending some quality time with family and friends back home and some solo R&R in Fiji. 275 more words


The Second Half so far

If you asked me at the start of 2018 where I would be at the end of 2018, I never would have imagined I’d be in Kiribati. 1,114 more words


More Cake

More cake! Kiribati kids don’t hang out for birthday presents, it’s all about the cake and once it’s cut, they vanish outside to eat it and continue their normal play. 119 more words


Give Up Gardening Experience

Sweet potato is hard to grow in Tarawa but I thought I would have a go.  We scraped up top soil from wherever we could, poured it into an old car tyre and planted the slips. 179 more words