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Kirigami is origami that involves cutting like the English translation of the Japanese word kirigam suggests, “cutting of paper”.  It is strongly based on geometry and symmetry, making it look really intriguing.   64 more words

Different Types Of Origami

Origami - info

Its been a while since I posted anything. I thought of posting some info on origami this time.

Origami is the art of paper folding( ori- folding, kami-paper). 384 more words

Kirigami Jewel

I found some instructions to make a kirigami jewel and decided to try them. I’m normally hopeless at origami, but this was fun! It took about a half hour. 29 more words

My Art

Si Insinyur Kertas

Pernah ga sih kita mikir dari segala keisengan kita yang keliatannya sepele ternyata kalau ditekuni dengan serius bakalan nambah rejeki dan mengisi pundi-pundi kita? Selain itu menjadi sesuatu yang lebih menarik dan lebih “something” daripada sekadar keisengan belaka? 1,790 more words

Batu Akik

Paper Dragon

Paper Dragon

Created by experimenting with origami techniques.
A total of five pieces of paper were used.


A day out with the girls!

Colossal thunder storms during the night
Torrential rain and sleet but who cares because I got a day out with the girls!!

Dad’s birthday – would have been 87.   852 more words

50's Diners

Daily Paper

I really wanted to like this paper. It was recommended by a professor who gave a talk on leaf shape variants across clines. The subject matter was absolutely fascinating: considering leaf shape as a result of constraints on bud shape, and modeling it using kirigami, a variant of origami that also involves cutting. 340 more words

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