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Crystalline Kirigami

Three paper shells comprise this crystalline 3-D model: the folded surface shell, folded middle shell and a flat back shell. It has two, nested interior volumes. 199 more words


❄ Snowflakes ❄

Hey everyone!

It’s January and the start of a new semester, is anyone excited? >____< Getting back into a productive work ethic is difficult especially with this dreary weather so far. 329 more words


Imagine that!

This Kirigami is bit of a mechanical puzzle: how can this airy thing be folded up from one piece of paper?  I had found this interesting model on… 162 more words


Make Cut-out Snowflakes Day

I haven’t made snowflakes since elementary school.  Do they still do this kind of art in school anymore?  Maybe it’s something we should all start doing again with our children and grandchildren.   311 more words


It's a wrap!

I love Christmas, and it’s not just because I get so much time off from work. If I’m honest, the day itself can be a bit anti-climatic. 506 more words


A classical form in an improvised space

The 2D pattern for this 3D volume developed as I played with the idea of a pyramid of interlocking planes.

It was my partner Betsy’s creative quilting practice that inspired me to put a batik-like graphic on a Kirigami popup. 238 more words



eager hands
cut white
paper snowflakes