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Legends of the Hidden Temple

Allow me to wax nostalgic about one of the greatest game shows of all time. Forget iCarly, forget Spongebob, forget whatever else is on Nickelodeon these days, the 9os were where it was at for that network. 727 more words


Legends of the Hidden Temple

Probably one of if not THE best kid’s game show to ever grace Nickelodeon in the 90’s.  This show was awesome!  Mayan Temple atmosphere, a giant talking stone head named Olmec (Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.   844 more words

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Dance Floor Pro: I know you, you know, I go psycho when my new joint hit

A semi-wise friend of mine once suggested that the whole premise of Five Hour Energy is bullshit.

He said that rather than create five hours worth of energy, the petite beverage actually steals five hours worth of our energy from the future, essentially making us unexpectedly hungover the next day. 630 more words

Life Is A Black Pit Of Spiraling Despair

Remember That Show: Legends Of The Hidden Temple


Let’s start the jungle music! (What?)

Let’s welcome our special co-host, the big stone himself, Olmec!

Olmec: Mmmmmmmm…

Mark: This is “Remember that Show: Legends of the Hidden Temple.” 1,265 more words