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Waiting for the Bus II

A woman sits, her head bowed as if dozing, and a man allows a potato chip to go cold, as he stares introspectively off into the distance. 71 more words


Snow at Nether Hazlefield

Don’t know how I missed this photo the first time around but it stood out in the files. It has all the elements that I admire in a picture, most of all its simplicity but also the space and scale, rhythms of the trees and landscape, and its grainy tonality.



Ross Fulton is a local artist who works in the Wasps Studios, High Street, Kirkcudbright. (Ker-coo-bree)

His WordPress blog can be found at rossfulton.com.

He favours the urban landscape, often taking an interest in urban decay and his work has a strong sense of framing which can sometimes tend toward abstraction or a fascination with contrasting details. 27 more words


Dark Winter Days

An image that takes me back to the good old days.

I can remember when I was about 17 or 18 working during my summer holidays and saving up to buy my very first camera, a Halina 35x which cost me the considerable sum of seven pounds, thirteen shillings and six pence. 131 more words


Shore Sheep's Skull

Memory’s not what it was, so I don’t remember taking this photo. I do remember taking a photo of a dead deer amongst the rocks at Dhoon Bay. 69 more words


Winter on the Gatehouse Road

You would be forgiven in thinking that we have a lot of snow here on the coast, but you would be wrong. The reason there are snow pictures is because it’s less usual so you have go out when it happens and take lots of photos. 41 more words


Winter Walk 2

A different treatment and a wider view of the scene shown on 29 January. A different mood, perhaps, also.

This is the town where we have made our home for the past 12 years and have never regretted leaving the English Midlands for a very quiet and rural south west Scotland. 83 more words