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Day 3: DINA in Kisoro, “Along the Batwa Trail”

The Batwa Trail referred herein is not the government project in Mgahinga National Park to preserve the heritage of these indigenous people. But rather it is our excursion to meet the Batwa now living as squatters on the slopes of Mount Muhabura after being evicted from their home, the said Mgahinga National Park Batwa Trail. 608 more words


Day 2: DINA in Kisoro, “Mukyangushu Island”

To many ethnic groups in Uganda, leadership was hereditary. However for the Bafumbira one had to rise above the ranks of being a commoner and earn the crown. 475 more words


Day 1: DINA in Kisoro, "Akababi, The Misfit Island"

The Umuofia had an evil forest, a menacing jungle where everything their beliefs deemed evil or a threat to communal survival was banished to, including twins and… 412 more words


conquering mount sabyinyo

Friday, June 19, 2015 I conquered Mount Sabyinyo. It was one of the most physically challenging things I have ever done – but so incredibly worth it. 1,152 more words


Looking back at my time at Potter's Village.

Well my time at Potter’s Village has come to a close and I have moved to Kisiizi now (more on that later!). In moving on I’d like to recap on my time at Potter’s and update you on some of those in my care. 678 more words


Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Located in Southwestern Uganda lies beautiful Lake Bunyonyi.  Surrounded by terraced mountains with a patchwork pattern of crops, the views are stunning. A half days drive from Kampala, you can reach the nearby towns of Kabale and Kisoro by bus, taxi or special hires. 135 more words



I practically spent this past week celebrating, as many special days happened to all be right next to each other. On Monday, a group of us travelled to Kisoro, the most southwestern town of Uganda, for a regional celebration of Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary in Uganda. 488 more words

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