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University – An odyssey of self discovery...

For most people, graduation is a relief. They are ready to take the well-respected graduate career. Unviersity is a means for most graduates to get a good job. 1,932 more words

Personal Growth

FR : Green Zone (Sleazy Method)

Waktu itu udah pagi banget, gue udah cape, pasrah ga dapet close apa-apa (number atau yang lain-lain). So ya udah gue merapat ke bar, pesen minum, enjoy the music sambil ngedance kecil-kecilan. 803 more words

Field Report

The duty of Sexual Escalation

Ich hatte in den letzten Wochen einige sehr gut Approaches und viel versprechende Numbercloses,
doch was fehlte seit dem Ende der letzten LTR waren die Lays. 590 more words


Same day lay

It all started so stereotypically …

Last week I opened a girl on the street: cute, lost look, just after talking to the phone with someone. 348 more words

New Sets Log

DTF Hypothesis

Last night at Sidebar I was waiting in front of the bathrooms to take a piss.  I was considering going into the girls’ bathroom when an HB7 walks by and holds eye contact with me.   249 more words


Double date that comes with a challenge

Yesteday I had a date with a girl I sarged 2 days ago. At the phone she wanted to bring a friend, which was ok with me as I had a second option now … but she also wanted me to bring a friend. 292 more words

Day 2 Log

Getting Physical

Last night was the first time I’ve met a girl at a bar and made out with her there.  It seems that in a bar-type environment I need to go sexual quickly.   112 more words