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Red Chili-Braised Short Ribs & Pecorino Grits

The temperatures have cooled down for only about a week now and I’m already in hibernation mode.


I’ve only had enough energy to drink wine and make one-pot meals that cook low and slow in my oven, perfuming my house with goodness for several hours. 701 more words


Kiss My Grits!

I like pibbling butts and I cannot lie!

Deaf Dogs

Mercer Island Farmer's Market, Sunday June 22nd

Another week has flown by, and that means another MI Farmer’s Market Sunday! The sun is starting to peek through, so it’s a perfect day to check out all the new, and veteran, vendors. 123 more words

Community Happening

Weekly Whistle: Something Fabulous Is Coming...

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

This week’s Weekly Whistle is all about the “special something” happening tomorrow…Hm…I wonder what it could be? Of course, I know…but I can’t tell y’all because that would ruin the surprise…Okay, I will give y’all a few hints *wink* 105 more words

Weekly Whistle

Tim Hortons can kiss my grits

The holidays challenge the shit out of me. A desperation creeps its way into my being and loneliness consumes me. I try so hard to practice gratitude, but most often I just feel a quiet dread. 646 more words

Translation Tuesday: Kiss My Grits

Ah, a new Translation Tuesday! Look, consistent blogging, go me! Today’s translation is a phrase I need to use more often. I really struggle using curse words… the f.bomb is pretty popular in my house. 111 more words

Southern Life

Old, older, oldest

Despite the actual numbers, I’ve never felt old. I always think I’m just a few years past being a teenager. My parents? Old. Their whole generation? 316 more words

Ma'am, Try Not To Get So Worked Up.