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When Richard Widmark Hugs You, You Stay Hugged

Back in the spring of 2001, the Walter Reade Theatre had a retrospective of Richard Widmark films, with a special—to put it mildly—appearance by the man himself, who was then 86. 832 more words


Using Scrivener Templates To "De-Pantser" Your Romance Writing

“Pantsing” a novel is fun, frustrating, and time-consuming. I thought pantsing would be liberating and allow me to please my muse, get a high word count, get my writing finished and ready to go to an editor. 410 more words


friday movie quote

“I wouldn’t give you the skin off a grape.”

-Tommy Udo (Richard Widmark), Kiss of Death (1947)


Don't look back

Lot’s wife disobeyed and did look back and was immediately turned into a lifeless salt sculpture. Was she reckless and disobedient? Worse than that. She was nostalgic. 22 more words

From The Counsellor

Kiss of Death (episode 4)

Sam was still mad at his parents. How could they do that to him…putting him in such an awkward position…and right in Ella’s presence. He was so embarrassed. 1,421 more words


Review: Kiss of Death

As you can see, when this film came out it was the big introduction of Coleen Gray. This was Gray’s first film credit(she appeared in three other films in tiny roles and did not get a credit), but if you ask any film noir buff “Who’s first movie is Kiss of Death?” Coleen Gray would not be most people’s answer. 557 more words


Sharing Art, 1: El Petó de la Mort 

This is The Kiss of Death (English) / El Beso de la Muerte (Spanish) / El Petó de la Mort (Catalan) to Josep Llaudet Soler, by Jaume Barba or Joan Fontbernat in 1930, located in the Poblenou Cemetery of Barcelona, Spain. 119 more words