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a kiss shared by lovers–

a kiss shared by lovers
can be the remedy, the panacea
to the most tender, agonizing wounds.
Gentle caresses can salve the
deepest, roughest of burns, and… 28 more words


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Can I just (safely?) say that I love her so goddamn much?

I mean, I don’t know, ever since we stopped talking, my feelings have been flowing out like crazy, flowing out to words. 1,303 more words


Interface This!

Just a few days ago I ordered a handful of assorted (but carefully chosen) components on eBay. This consisted of a large selection box of resistors, a huge box of presorted resistors from a UK vendor delivered was still less than 1/3rd  of Maplins prices, and the ones in my local branch looked tarnished and quite old – some of their mixed component selection bags had solder flagging on the legs suggesting these were used components in some cases. 743 more words

Raspberry Pi

The Gallery Doors are Open

Hasn’t  ~LOVE~  in all of it’s nuances and complexity been examined and exploited? Is there anything left unsaid? unseen? Well, have you shared your love story? 294 more words