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The girl that faded away part 2

So I continue my story…
As I ended in part 1,
Then came my exams. I got busy and somehow she didn’t. She kept messaging me, it disturbed me, It was a distraction. 457 more words


The World Revolves Around PDA

So I’ve been in the mood to watch a really good romance recently. You know, the kind where there’s this guy, and this girl, and they are, like, totally in love with each other, but they don’t realize it, and so they agree to, like, be friends and help each other out, and they’re all biscuits and cream, except that, sometimes, one will sneak a peek at the other and get this kind of wistful look in their eye that says that they’re totally thinking about what it would be like if they could just open up enough to let the other one into their heart, and this goes on for, like, about an hour and a half of run time… 39 more words


Moonshine Lover

Sipping on,
Drunk from,
Moonshine lover,
200 proof.

Drunken bliss,
Party favor,
Lapping up,
A poisoned kiss.

Faint feeling,
my craving,
His love,

World spinning, 6 more words

Velvet Kisses

Your caresses hold me stronger than any words ever spoken,
And the warm breath from your kiss ripples across the goosebumps of my flesh.

The devotion and depthless love I feel from you… 122 more words