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I love getting Drunk!... From Kissing

I love getting Drunk.. I do..

It consumes you, makes your head fuzzy, and can lead to amazing (and not so) moments.  The dizzy feeling takes over.   508 more words


The Little book of Kisses

My kindle book  The Little Book of Kisses’ is available to download from Amazon. Written in my pen name Dolly Christmas giving a comical insight into the magical world of kissing. 29 more words

On Kids, Kissing, and Learning to Love

“Mom, why do we have lips?” asks my oddly inquisitive eleven year old.

“I don’t know. I guess God thought we needed them.”

“But why… 789 more words

The Kiss

∴ 3:40 a.m. I’m kind of drunk right now… okay I’m really, really drunk. But I want to write. I was at this house party at my friend’s. 768 more words

Quote: Grasping Poetry

I never grasped poetry till I kissed your lips and held you so close, I could feel every word and line within you. – Linda J. Wolff

Just a Kiss

Your breath is on my tongue,

I taste you;

lip to lip

give and take

as butterflies arouse my insides, unseen.


Life Just Is

Sometimes life just is. There are those days that are neither particularly happy or exciting, neither are they sad or frightening; they just are and that means there is nothing to say about them on Facebook. 146 more words