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Another Heaven

Another Heaven
Lips to lips and God is forsaken,
He is my new religion.


A woman and her sea

Jillian walked faster now
the cool air capturing her breasts
closing in her cardigan
she briefly hugged herself
in search of inner warmth
and perhaps inner strength… 168 more words



Kissing reduces anxiety and stops the noise in your mind.  It increases the levels of oxytocin an extremely calming hormone that produces a feeling of peace.



Manual 365/145 There Will Be Conkers But...

Always look through fresh eyes, you’re thousands of miles away from yesterday

 Kissing Conkers!

The moth will be back and they will be brown soon. 9 more words


My Confession Series: The BIG question

I was rummaging through a collection of paper I had collected overtime when I found something. Despite how much I love to type on my smartphone and on my PC I seem to never be able to do away with paper. 346 more words


Any arena that captions love as a topic of discuss also resonate the topic of kissing. It is a topic of reticence and whispers that may sound embarrassing when communicated but it is worth its importance. 332 more words


A kiss can set your soul on fire

he makes her feel as beautiful as her looks tell the world…he cradles her face in his hands looks into her eyes and gets lost for the moment or 100…his kiss comes in soft and slow and grows passionate quickly as if he is in need of her taste and cant get enough of her…so fast and breathing heavily he can not take his hands off of her…they set each other on fire and have no care to cool the flames. 143 more words