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Last night

I thought I’ll just go straight and ask for what I want

I asked if we could lie down (I’m quite anxious these days- I’d lost a lot of weight due to an infection, I’ve just found out my mom’s got cancer, my work is horrible and Lancelot isn’t as intimate as I like) – I needed to be close- to not feel miles apart. 375 more words

Kissing frogs hoping they turn Into a prince!

This is nothing new. We’ve all kissed a few frogs in our lifetime.  But what happens when they don’t turn into the handsome prince we hoped for? 60 more words


Week 10

Kissing. Isn’t it the most beautiful thing? We often see a lot of kissing in movies especially if it is a romantic flick. All the cheesy-ness scatter every time we watch a boy smooching with a girl. 234 more words


Celebratory Ice Cream Date

I never gave a nickname to the girl I had met for coffee on Saturday and I’m going to dub her DinoTheif because I had or perhaps she had known she would swipe the little friend that was sitting at our table. 600 more words

Train of Thought: Kiss (and other thoughts about makeup)

I got home from Jury Duty and decided that I should try on every single lipstick I currently own. 940 more words

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