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Juliana: “Just go for it, Jake. She’s incredibly pretty, nice and she likes you! Just go for it once, you idiot!”
Me: “Yeah.. But.. I don’t know.

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My Life

Let's Kiss!!

Good Saturday Afternoon My “Sensational Sex” Nation!

I hope this week has been a blessed one — and, well, if it wasn’t one of your “better” weeks, that’s ok too– as a new one is about to start & maybe you can take some advice from today’s entry and engage in some Hot, Deep KISSING with your significant other (yes REALLY kissing, not that “peck” as you pass each other in and out the door!) 523 more words



Five… six… seven… the clock continued to tick but I lost count of the seconds as my camera clicked and Sasha moved. She had gorgeous coffee colored skin, every inch of her displayed before my lens with a seductive smile playing around the corners of her lips. 1,824 more words


Inappropriate Fantasies - A Day in the Future

Since I’m still in the mood for romance and all things sugary, here’s the love letter to my future Owner that I promised to write. It is also my… expectation is too large of word, well my opinion of what a 24/7 D/s relationship might be like. 2,504 more words

The Passion

When we grow up

When I grow up (or, someday in the future, maybe when I’ve got my own house)

I am going to:

  1. Learn to play the piano.
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First Kiss

This is going to be a very telling post. I’ve been prompted to write about my first kiss. Sadly, this is an event that has yet to happen. 263 more words