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Kissing Scene 3

I couldn’t help but look around in awe. The trees looked so beautiful as the light shimmered through the gaps in the leaves. It was April, and the flowers were in full bloom throughout the undergrowth of the forest. 1,558 more words



Three was nothing unready in your size
From the shape you measured in magazines
To grow in curved pregnancy and manage
A child. It wouldn’t have been unwanted. 100 more words


You Can K.I.S.S. My Art!

Pucker up for a big kiss!  Yes, love is in the air in the Cummings’ studio and I am going big this year!  Muah!

“Big Kiss” 12 more words

Modern Art

Three times 's a charm part 2

So, I’m going to continue where I left off.
At New Years eve, while Baggy was texting me all kinds of sexy flirty messages (he was so drunk he actually disappeared to the toilet for 20min, just to text me, he told me later), and I was thinking who I really wanted to wish a happy new year, I thought of Sweets. 561 more words

I'm officially a bad person

You would think I would be out of stories by now. That is not the case…at all. I think it was last year, I met this guy on good ol’ Tinder. 804 more words

There & Gone..

After a tumultuous week the day had finally arrived. I was still numb and felt alien,mind you. As per usual I left the important stuff to the very last minute..packing. 827 more words