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First Date with Harry

According to my personal dating equation, I should not date anyone younger than age 29-1/2. Harry is 26. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a hunch we’d have a great time. 957 more words


Generic Post No.98

It probably hasn’t escaped your noticed that I’ve not felt wildly motivated to put finger to keyboard here lately. It’s not that there haven’t been dates, it’s just that I haven’t really felt like writing about them. 630 more words

Kiss me

I have not kissed a boy in about a year. Because I think kissing is for couples. I cannot kiss someone who I know will just take what he wants and never talk to again. 96 more words


Two unlikely men kiss goodbye

A woman stares, dumbfounded


Read This If You Feel Like A Late Bloomer, Because You've Never Been Kissed

Maybe it was the summer before your freshman year or maybe you’re twenty-two and haven’t gotten your first kiss yet. Maybe it was with the person you had a crush on for years or maybe it was with someone you barely knew. 385 more words

Sex, Sex, Hot Steamy Sex, There I've Said It!

Each week, I listen to people talk about all kinds of topics. Some days it’s about family or recent issues in their life or maybe some unresolved childhood issues.  576 more words