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More Green Tea Sightings

One quick post before I go.

It seems like matcha (green tea) is not only invading the kitkats here in Canada.  What I mean is that suddenly, the flavour is everywhere.  76 more words

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7.1 TYLER HANNA - Kit Kat


While out with my friend Matthew for lunch, I got to discuss one of my favorite new genres of music: mumble rap. During the midst of that conversation, Matthew showed me this Kit Kat commercial featuring Chance the Rapper. 338 more words

Kitto Katsu

For years the Japanese (despite losing the Second World War) have enjoyed various different flavours of Kit-Kat while we here in the UK, where the damn thing was invented, have struggled on with the ‘entry level’ milk chocolate variety, oh of course we get the odd limited edition dark chocolate or orange chocolate variety, but those Kit-Kat Krazy Japanese dudes get to swan around tucking into all sorts of exotic, fun and downright vile flavours of Kit-Kat. 477 more words

Valentine's Day Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Cake

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope that you all have had a wonderful day spent with the one or ones you love! For those of you looking for a last minute dessert that will serve a crowd, this one is for you. 598 more words

Holiday Desserts

Kit Kat Topped Mars Bar Krispy Treats

I was looking back over my old recipes and photos today and found one that I made over the Christmas period which I neglected to post yet. 767 more words


happy early valentine's day to me.

Yesterday, I had an exceptional morning having a little ‘me’ time in Melbourne CBD. I came across something I hadn’t seen before (which doesn’t exactly mean it’s new as a lot of things change in 2+ years). 336 more words