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The Two for One Special

Believe it or not, there was once a time when I liked chocolate. Now, I’ve never really had an overactive sweet tooth. More often than not, Halloween candy would sit in my closet to be thrown away a few weeks later the next year (like I ever cleaned out my closet). 336 more words


Pour Some Sugar On Me, Vol 2

Kit Kat Chunky – Cookie Dough 

I’d spotted these a few weeks ago, and instantly fancied checking them out. I’ve not had a Kit Kat… 348 more words


Pokemon Conclave Retrospective part 2

Am I really doing this again?

Yes. Yes I am.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I wrote a retrospective about willow McCall’s early 2000’s fanfic Pokemon conclave, originally titled Pokemon Neo. 1,374 more words

Do You Need A Break?

Hello there matey! So we are heading to the capital of where this widely known snack is from and that would be England. Whoo-hoo! Yes it’s from Swiss based company, Nestle, but did you know it used to be called ‘Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp’? 171 more words

Got it!

Every once in a while you have your camera ready at just the right moment.  I’ve been getting lucky recently with my cat, Kit Kat.  He is an animated cat, so these pictures really capture his true demeanor and personality.   37 more words


What Happens When Taco Bell and Kit Kat Make a Baby?

Have you ever craved a tortilla full of chocolate (as one normally does)?

And I’m not talking about those boring Choco Tacos.

Well, once again, Taco Bell has heard your 3 a.m. 94 more words

Taco Bell

Candy Theft Victim Receives 6,500 Kit Kat Bars

Hunter Jobbins is a normal college student attending Kansas State University, who recently became the victim of a terrible candy thief.

Hunter had left his car outside of the Kansas State dorms for about 15 minutes, but when he came back, he found a shocking note. 148 more words