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Kex, Gothenburg

I’d read about Kex, a Swedish candy bar, in a travel magazine before my trip to Scandinavia with Zan. So, I knew when I saw it to give it a try. 44 more words


Japanese Haul!

Hey there! It’s Kagura. Mikasa’s dad so kindly went to Japan and bought a TON of stuff. 

Here is what we Mikasa’s dad bought!

The Kit Kat box at the top left is a red bean Kit Kat. 153 more words


KitKat Big Little Matcha Azuki - KitKat Bigリトル 抹茶あずき

KitKat comes in many forms: standard, chunky, mini, individual fingers… but this is the only incarnation I’ve seen that strays from the traditional rectangular shape and branches into the hugely popular market of single-serving bagged chocolates such as Galbo and Crunky Popjoy. 441 more words


8 awesome Kit-Kat recipes (and two disturbing ones)

I’ve become quite the connoisseur of the junk food machine at work … it really must stop. I’ve tried to be “good” and just get the skinny little Lindt bars, but they’re gone in a heartbeat and my sweet craving remains. 336 more words


Siblings {April}

Oh what a difference a month makes!

If you recall, last month’s sibling photo had them all wearing snowsuits! And now look! Bare toes! (And shoes on the wrong feet) 393 more words


Daily Funny Pictures 4/14/15

It just occurred to me yesterday that May comes right after April, and I finish college classes in May, and graduate early June. Time just never stops, and it’s both wonderful and scary. :/

Daily Funny Pictures