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7/?/2017 - Kit Kat Bar

I had a dream that I was eating a kit kat bar. This is all I remember. I do have a thing for sweets lol.

7/13/2017 - The Clothing Store Message

I remember I was in a clothing store. I think I was on top of a shelf. I was opening a Kit Kat bar. I noticed as i opened it the silver colored wrapping. 53 more words

"it's too much sugar" by Julia in the rideshare

Tuesday July 11, 2017
5 minutes
overheard in the ride share

He pulls out a Kit Kat and starts offering it around. Everyone is saying no. 148 more words

Do you like chocolate?

Today I read this quote on Twitter: “You know it’s going to be a good day, when it’s Friday and a world chocolate day”

I’m a huuuge chocolate addict, honestly feel like I can eat chocolate 24/7. 94 more words

Fourth of July

Happy 241st birthday, United States of America!

And, on that note, here are some patriotic-themed products I’ve seen on sale at various stores this summer. 43 more words