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Vending machine temptation (Rousse)

I lay under the vending machine eyeing the US equivalent of a Kit Kat that was almost out the drawer, unwrapped. When I could not bear it any longer, I gave into temptation and licked the chocolate. 40 more words

I'd Trade a Frantic Family for a KitKat! Or for a Regular Cat...

January 1998

Thunderbolts #10

KitKats have always been one of my favorite candy bars, so I’m excited to finally be posting an ad for them! And in a historical note: This ad features a kid taking a selfie – long before selfies were a thing! 80 more words


Inside the Kit Kat Chocolatory

With the weather getting better, it’s the best time to walk around the streets of downtown Toronto to do some shopping, site seeing and more. Whether you are visiting the city as a tourist or just looking for something fun to do, well let me share something with you that you may enjoy!The Kit Kat Chocolatory is now open for business! 730 more words


Green tea kit kat

Another Tokyo kit Kat in green tea flavor

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img 20180603 234753 680×510

img 20180603 234921 680×510

Daily Life

Kit Kat

Banana Kit Kat in Tokyo

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img 20180603 231024 251 510×510

img 20180603 230150 510×680

Daily Life

The Japanese Kit Kat Taste Test Part 2

A long time ago I took part in a rather dull Kit Kat taste test, which was not so entertaining as it was just me, myself and I, but this time round I have been joined by my esteemed co-hosts from an upcoming project and the results are a little weird…