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Special melon and cheese-flavored Kit Kat now available, but only at selected airports!

This new Kit Kat flavor certainly sounds fascinating, but you can only buy them at strictly limited locations! 289 more words


Movie Night Mix

So, now you know how to make caramel popcorn! Hazar! Now, we’re going to make it even better. This mix is delicious, while I like to take it to the movies, you can whip it out as nibbles at a party, study food or even as road trip food. 303 more words

Caramel Popcorn

Weekend Recap- Meds, Cakes, Books + Sun tans

its been an exhausting week, this past one. both babygirl and I were sick with strep throat.

have you ever had it? it fricking sucks. everything hurts, eating, drinking, your body hurts, fever, you cant sleep cause everything hurts. 381 more words


Kit Kat❤

In love with the new Mini Momemts.


Kit Kat Premium Gift Shop now open for limited time near Narita Airport

If you’re coming to Japan and buying Kit Kats is on your list of things to do, you’ll want to check this store out! 411 more words


Alphabet Soup, K (Shishido)

K is for…
Kitkat – Ryo Shishido

“Mmmmm.” Midori murmured, taking another bite of the blissful chocolate.

Shishido scoffed, glancing at her. “It can’t be… 88 more words


Baked Cheesecake Kit Kat

Exotic Kit Kat flavors are commonplace in Japan, but this flavor tops them all in the fact that it requires an extra step before consuming: baking! 77 more words