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Kit List - Fast packing on Kungsleden

Here is what I packed to run Kungsleden late September, a 440km trail in the Swedish mountains of Lapland. I feel it represents a good guide of what to take if you want to travel reasonably light and fast. 936 more words

Ultra Running

The Coastal Challenge Costa Rica - Kit List

The Coastal Challenge (TCC) is a 6-day multi-stage running event on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. I did this in 2016 and 2017 and will return in 2018. 1,611 more words

Multi-stage Racing

Wadi Rum Ultra: Kit List

I haven’t got all my kit yet and I’m still testing stuff out so I’ll keep adding to this as I go along but this is my kit that I’ve chosen to use so far, both for my training and in the race: 1,154 more words

Wadi Rum Ultra

Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) camping - packing/kit list

I have received a lot of messages asking if I’ll share my packing list for the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) hike, so here it is: 176 more words


Sam eased the pack on his shoulders, and went over anxiously in his mind all the things that he had stowed in it, wondering if he had forgotten anything: his chief treasure, his cooking gear; and the little box of salt that he always carried and refilled when he could; …

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Essential Kit List for a Triathlon

Now I’m not sure whether this is a post I am qualified to write, seen as I have a bit of a reputation for forgetting (or almost forgetting) essential bits of kit to most races (like bike shoes). 746 more words


With the new US ARMY camouflage (OCP/Multicam), all the gear must to be changed. All pouches, and if they are the same, one has won a new design. 129 more words