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Go Against The Grain - The Primal Pantry Nutrition Review

When it comes to nutrition, what suits me can be tricky. Over the longer distances gels just won’t cut it; I need some solid food to feel human, but it is always hard to find something that I can eat while on the move and that doesn’t sit too heavy. ¬† 471 more words


Kit review: Romantic Valentine Picnic

Lego does three to four seasonal kits each year. This year we were lucky enough to get the Valentine’s Day one. A simple kit for sure with two mini figs, parts to make a tree and of course all the little things you need for a romantic picnic. 82 more words

Kit review: Lego Ninjago Rock Roader

This is one of my hubby’s kit but I can honestly say it is a good one. Filled with technic pieces, rubber bands and of course those wonderful translucent paces. 90 more words

kit review: The Pizza van

This City kit is one of the fun food sets. As you can see from the photos you get two mini figs, a scooter, the food truck and a table with umbrella top. 84 more words


Kit review: Heartlake Supermarket

Another from the Friends Line of Lego kits. This one gives us a boy minidoll, which for some reason is a big thing with AFOLs. Considering this kit was aimed at young girls I am not at all surprised that most of the figures are female. 276 more words

Kit review: Heartlake Cupcake Cafe

This Lego kit is part of the Friends line and oh boy a fun one. You build a cupcake turner.  There are technic pieces, curved trans pieces used for the store front windows and even patio seating that is quite nicely done. 56 more words

Kit review: Marvel Super Heroes, Beware the Vulture

Yup Lego has a set for the latest movie release. Filled with all the fun that you would expect both from Marvel and from Lego. This set has four mini figs, the Vulture’s wing rig and the truck that they bad guys were using for their illegal weapons trade. 111 more words