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Drunk Elephant review -Agent Ellie Kit

Finally! Drunk Elephant is now easily available to get your hands on in the UK! After almost a year of reading amazing reviews and seeing the fabulous results beauty experts and gurus were getting from using the products, at long last I have a few of the most talked about items in my possession! 1,894 more words

Diamond Puzzle Test

A while ago I recieved a small diamond puzzle kit. I’ve always wanted to try one but the ones I liked were either too complicated or too expensive for a beginner attempt. 336 more words



By SurvivalMode. Staff

When the zombie apocalypse happens the first thing you’re going to think about is what weapons do you have at hand. As you take inventory of  your surroundings you will find your trusty broom, that cooking pan you left in the sink since last week because well lets be honest washing dishes is a pain, and sure these are weapons but will they be enough? 119 more words


Hugs and Hygge...

When it’s been a challenging week at work, there’s nothing better than hugging my gorgeous twin daughters as they arrive for another session of biscuit fuelled chatter. 166 more words

A little light reading - in-character notebooks and ledgers

There is something I enjoy about handling and making books for my characters at LARP. From hauling a small library of notebooks about to keeping an in-character journal on my person, I try to find bound books that fit my character and decorate them, fill them, and enjoy them. 528 more words


Post-Camino Equipment Shakedown

So how did my gear get on after my Camino? In this post, I will tell you how the kit I brought fared and if it needs any improvement. 727 more words