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Barny Update - Interior Design

I’m not getting ahead of myself. This isn’t me adorning my 3D designs with cushions and trinkets (though I might confess to having played that game. 359 more words

Farm And Family Life

OK, Kitchen - I Need A Kitchen. Suggestions?

Now that the floors are in and finished with 2 coats of clear. We need to get on with designing a kitchen for the space. I have a pretty good idea in my mind’s eye. 683 more words

1930's Bungalow

Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Photo: Imagine Backyard

The first kitchen was really just a fire outside. And ever since cooking was brought indoors, people have been finding numerous reasons to take it back outside. 1,132 more words

Interior Design Tips & Trends

How to: Applying Design Theory

Hi Everyone!!!

I know that the last few posts have focused on my progress on my tiny house/ guest cottage – and I have plenty more to share, but today I would like to show how to apply  the theory that  I shared in the last  blog. 880 more words

Different types of kitchen layout

The kitchen is the life line of any home. Why wouldn’t it be? The food for your hungry stomach is cooked there. Yeah! It’s the biggest reason why the kitchen is the life line of your home… :)  I am not a regular cook. 707 more words

A Room With a View: 10 Light-Filled Kitchens to Covet

Extending the view in one of the home’s most popular rooms.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, a kitchen tends to be the heart of the home. 374 more words