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Organizing Tips to Make Your Man Help You in the Kitchen

At the end of a long day lady is preparing dinner in a hurry. Meanwhile, man of her live is deep diving in his telephone or computer. 821 more words


Kitchen Organizing : Expectations vs. Reality

Every once in awhile, I get into a cleaning slump. To be honest, I think the move and planning all the ways I was going to make this house our home “someday” kind of threw me off my rhythms for a bit recently. 59 more words

Easy Organization For Kitchen

Ready To Revamp Your Kitchen? Simple Tips.

No matter your decorating style, designing, remodeling or reorganizing your kitchen can be one of the most uplifting projects in the house. From Farmhouse style to Contemporary and/or Urban Industrial…this space can be created & organized to please the eye while being functionally amazing. 473 more words

Decorating Ideas | Interior

If the Germs don't make you sick, Cleaning them might

I like things easy and convenient just as much as the next gal (guy). But after cancer became all too personal in our own home, we’ve had to rethink everything we knew about a sparkley, sanitized home. 1,015 more words


Organize Plastic Containers and Cookware

Looking at the Before & After pictures, the Before is not terrible, yet makes it hard to get to the bakeware when needed. Also stacking non stick pots and pans into each other, is a major no no. 738 more words


Kitchen Pantry Organize 101

How much more of a pleasure and less of a task putting groceries away can be, when you have an organized kitchen and pantry. It is simple to keep up once you form order. 486 more words

Saturday choring

My to-do list looks like a typical Saturday, with gym practice and laundry and household chores and grocery shopping on it. But it feels much longer today because I feel one of my periodic cleaning and decluttering frenzies brewing. 612 more words