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One Way To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

There are many ways to organize a kitchen, but here is one way:

If you have another room you can put stuff in ( a dining room table is good, or put down a sheet to place items on), then take everything out of the cabinets and place in the other room. 167 more words


The Terror of the Kitchen: lessons in accepting the mess

I’ve been grappling with my kitchen lately. Maybe the boys are both in growth spurts, and that’s why they’re dirtying every dish until they’re piled all around the place. 293 more words


Low-to-High Tech Solutions for your Menu / Coupon / Shopping Clutter

A friend recently asked “What should I do with the menus, coupons and special offers cluttering up my kitchen?”  We can all relate.  We keep these menus and coupons because we want to use them, how do we actually find what we need when it comes time to order / buy dinner or go shopping? 547 more words

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Kitchen Purging--2 Stories

Story 1:  One reader got right on the ball after reading the last post on “Getting, Giving and Purging,”  She wrote,

“I recently took over the NutriBullet I’d given my son.  549 more words

Organization In The Kitchen

De-Cluttering the Kitchen

Every morning, as you go about your routine, notice what areas of your kitchen need clearing out and organizing. Leave a small box or a paper bag in the kitchen, start adding items to the box each morning this week. 464 more words

Kitchen Organizing

What Are Your Holidays Missing?

Getting, Giving–and Purging

Gifts are so much fun. As kids we loved getting them. As adults we learn the joys of giving them. But few people know about the final piece in the triad: Purging. 470 more words

Organization In The Kitchen

30 Days of De-Cluttering - Day 15 BUYING DUPLICATES

omg.  I just laughed at myself.  Last night I went to the grocery store and bought Ritz Crackers (on sale, 2 for $5!).  My husband loves to snack on Ritz and peanut butter.   594 more words

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