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Pecan, Apple, Cherry Chicken Salad

It’s been a busy week trying to figure out what to write about and trying new recipes to see what worked and what didn’t,

This actually isn’t a NEW recipe, it’s kinda a “Go to” recipe of mine. 93 more words

Kitchen Tips

Menu Planning, Grocery List Organizing, & Healthy Habits

The Weekly Menu & Grocery List – My Method for Getting Organized

Menu planning can be a bit overwhelming at times. In an effort to remain motivated and organized, I have developed a system for menu planning and organizing my grocery list. 760 more words

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Sunday Funday Thug Chef Tip: Crushing the croutons

Salad Toppings 101

Dear readers, have you ever looked at the croutons on your salad and thought – boring???

Well, this super duper simple tip literally turns your salad into a gourmet-inspired “cheffy” and ultra appetizing meal. 47 more words


Baby Food Prep: En Papillote

“En papillote” is French for “in a parchment”. It’s a method of cooking that involves wrapping food inside a parcel and baking the pouch in the oven. 290 more words

Baby Food

Buying Vegetables

Inspector J!

I like involving Juliana in the entire process of making her food. I realized it’s one way of orienting her about food preparation. It keeps her entertained too. 157 more words

Kitchen Tips

Tips for Easier (and Yummier) Baby Food Prep

Back in February, I was given an opportunity to articulate my food philosophy about feeding Juliana, and babies in general, in Rappler.com in an article written by Candice Quimpo… 765 more words

Baby Food

Hummingbird Nectar

I know this is late in the season for me to be posting this, but I’ve always assumed people know how to make this. (You know what they say about assuming!!) 141 more words

Kitchen Tips