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Hacks for Handling a Spicy Hot Curry - Simply Done

Simple kitchen hacks for reducing spice or heat in a curry gone spicy। Handling a spicy hot curry
I recently went overboard with chillies while making red kidney beans (rajma). 38 more words

How to Spring Clean Your Pantry

Part of spring-cleaning includes spring-cleaning your kitchen, and its pantry. It is important to properly clean this area of your house, as this is where you’re likely to find old food products that you have long forgotten about. 261 more words


Do You Dare to Dairy? The New Science on Dairy

For any 80s and 90s kids, we were all brought up believing that milk was good for us. That it’s a great source of calcium, that it will strengthen our bones, and that it’ll add a great accessory to a face in the form of a milk moustache. 439 more words


The Easiest Weight to Lose: Water Weight

To be completely honest, neither of us own a pair of functioning body scales, and it’s only really in hotels and at the doctors that I discover what I actually weigh. 438 more words


Quick Simple Syrup

A quick and easy way to sweeten anything, especially drinks, where it is crucial that the sugar dissolves is through a simple syrup. This thin, transplant liquid is basically a variation of sugar water. 297 more words

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