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3 Unexpected Ways to Put Your Ice Cube Tray to Use

Let’s face it—our kitchens are cluttered with single-use items we could probably do without. But that ice cube tray isn’t one of them! Aside from the obvious, here are three ways to help the humble ice cube tray reach its full potential. 83 more words


Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Last month, I hosted a wine & cheese night and ended up with copious amounts of leftover cheese and baguettes. Lucky me! I had one of those lightbulb moments and decided to make assorted mini grilled cheese sandwiches. 308 more words

In The Kitchen

Great Beginnings

Every region has their own version how to start off a great dish.  The simple combinations are usually staples in any kitchen waiting to add a boost of flavor to your dish. 368 more words


What’s More Important: When We Eat, or What We Eat?

Whilst there is no denying that what you eat effects what you look like internally and externally (yes, a moment on the lips can well be a lifetime on the hips), it turns out that it may well be more important to focus on… 233 more words


Lori's Kitchen Nightmares

We’ve all had mishaps in the kitchen:

using the wrong ingredient

burning food

burning our fingers

cutting our fingers

Here are some that were particularly memorable for me: 748 more words

Kitchen Tips

These Slow Cooker Breakfast Kits Make Your Mornings Beyond Easy

Breakfast made in a slow cooker is already a fairly streamlined affair, but making slow cooker breakfast kits makes for an even easier morning meal routine. 10 more words


An Heirloom Cooking Tip

I have a limited selection of items in my kitchen that have been allowed to accumulate over the course of my cooking career. However, for Dear Husband (DH) to see me using “I” and “accumulate” in the same sentence disrupts his sense of equilibrium. 365 more words

Kitchen Tips