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Unit prices for budget grocery shopping 

Who doesn’t love a bargain?

I want to share some information on unit prices and how to use them to save money at the grocery store. 806 more words


A Non Processed Snack

With the clean eating diet in mind, I started to review my husband’s lunch that he takes to work. (Due to the fact that he has the SAME thing everyday) I was already making the bread for his turkey sandwich, buying nitrate free turkey and healthier organic granola bars. 1,488 more words

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Dessert; A Little Less Processed

My husband and I had been watching a TV show a couple of weeks back and they had mentioned Madeleines in the show. My husband turned to me and asked me what a madeleine was. 643 more words

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Healthier Pie Crust?

Well, if you’ve read my bio and my last post about New Challenges and Life Changing Decisions, you know I am now starting make healthier stuff for my hubby and I. 735 more words

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Fat Exchange

So along with this Clean Eating and trying to get healthier. I have come across many articles that talk about Coconut Oil.

I had never used it before, or heard much about it before. 227 more words

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New Challenges and Life Changing Decisions

The decision to become healthier led to many different choices, options and of course…research. In the past, I have started and quit diets many times, including being vegan for 3 years. 707 more words

Kitchen Tips

Tip of the day: Dice Onions like a Chef and don't Shed a Tear

The best way to avoid crying when dicing an onion is to use a very sharp knife and to move as quickly as safety permits. 222 more words