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Turkey Banh Mi Burger

Sometimes people are weird about fusion food. I think it stems from a time when fusion meant foods that went together that just didn’t make sense. 69 more words

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Make Sorbet from Any Fruit with this Simple Recipe

Sorbet is a refreshing way to enjoy your favorite fruit. You can make sorbet from any fruit with this easy recipe.

Read the source article at Lifehacker

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7 Kebabs for a Healthier Cookout

While hand-held dogs and soft potato bun-encased burgers stand out in our minds as the all-American cookout foods, there are equally satisfying no-bread-necessary options for your grill. 56 more words

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Turn Overripe Tomatoes into Tomato Water Instead of Trashing Them

Overripe tomatoes may be a little too soft for a sandwich, but according to the good folks at Bon Appetit, there’s no reason to chuck ‘em. 77 more words

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Hand to Mouth

I’m definitely pro “hands food.”  It completes the senses…I love food I can eat with my hands. Maybe that’s why hamburgers and fries are one of my all time faves. 33 more words

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Roasted Eggplant Dip with Roasted Garlic! Yum!

Wrap a big clove of garlic in aluminum foil.

Do like this lady:  HowdiniRoastedEggplant

I didn’t use thyme, but only because I had time to go to the store to get thyme, but the store was out of thyme. 56 more words

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My Mediterranean Leanings

By now you may have noticed a theme…the Med theme.  My kitchen definitely has a Med vibe, because that’s the food I was raised on, and that’s the food I love.   93 more words

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