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Just wrong: the disappointment of disappointing restaurant food

Here at Kitchen Bitching we surf the peaks and troughs of culinary success and despair. We’re not professionals, we’re just people who love to cook and eat. 438 more words

Stuart Heritage takes on a gingerbread house (and loses)

A couple of months back, friend of Kitchen Bitching Stuart Heritage brought us a tale of the world’s most distressing gingerbread men. I tried them myself and like to think I did a… 623 more words

Tomato and Courgette Gratin

Hi Bitches,

I bring you a dish that twins tragedy with triumph. My gut-fillingly gorgeous gratin looked more Jackson Pollock than Jamie Oliver, but it certainly passed the taste test. 318 more words

Perfect potato dauphinoise? I wish!

Ok, so one of the many perks of being a Kitchen Bitch is that I get to ask some very talented cooks (and the lovely population of the tinterweb and twitter), for their much needed advice when something goes horribly wrong. 355 more words

Kitchen Tragedy

When biscuits turn to brownies

At the last AWOT event, we met the absolutely wonderful Rachel Scotland. She’s apparently a big fan of Kitchen Bitching (Excuse me, it’s difficult to type whilst my head grows so much….there we go, stopped now… 215 more words


The less said the butter ...

Yoikes. What a dingbat. I was making a Matcha green tea and chocolate layer cake this morning, and in my infinite wisdom when making the chocolate layer (and simultaneously making toast for a hungry 7-year-old) I forgot to add the butter to my fail-safe mix. 214 more words

Red Velvet disaster

Today’s Kitchen Bitch comes from Rachel Scotland, who needs your help to make the perfect Red Velvet Cupcake…

“So, there’s this boy (my friends and family are unsurprised, one even saying “Of COURSE there’s a boy”) who I wanted to impress with my mad baking skills. 207 more words

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