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A kitchen bitch's bliss

In my kitchen

like a mad scientist

mixing and concocting

a kitchen bitch’s bliss

I stir the witch’s cauldron

a punch of that

a pinch of this… 13 more words

Kait King

Kitchen conumdrum

The state of the rental kitchen is a disaster. I’d forgotten how yucky it really is. What can I do? My plan was to replace all the silver hardware with brass but now I see those are weird drawer pulls….can those be replaced????   300 more words

Ikea Alang Ceiling Light in a Galley Kitchen

I waffled for awhile (but not ridiculously long) on what light to use in the kitchen. The original light was so freaking beautiful. Really. Check it out: 479 more words


Grout Haze Removed from Slate

These mixed milled slate floor tiles were installed in the Kitchen, Hall and toilet of a house in Broadwell, Warwickshire. The Slate was staining easily from drink spills and proving hard to clean; on top of that all the tiles were covered in a slight grout haze and had not been sealed or
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Cleaning Services

Summer Time Fun: Kitchen Accessories

Like many of you, I really don’t like big heavy projects during the summer and I often look for quick portable projects to take with me.   186 more words

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