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Know About the Important Elements of Kitchen Design in Long Island

Sometimes, clients need help not only with visualizing the concept of their kitchen design in Long Island, but also in expressing exactly what kind of kitchen they want to have. 86 more words


Parsley Pandemonium

When you think of parsley, are you picturing a sad, limp bit of greenery on the side of a plate, destined to be ignored? That’s too bad, because parsley is an incredibly versatile herb with a subtle flavor that can elevate just about any dish. 554 more words

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Rose Petal Jelly

One of the things I enjoy experimenting with in the summer is various types of jams and jellies. My favorite experiment was Wild Violet Jelly… 301 more words


How the Kitchen Became my Favorite Room

Husband and I are still, relatively, new to the house we live in – it’s comfortable and in a nice location close to our town’s downtown, meaning we can walk to the farmer’s market and we see some of the same folks at a lot of meetings of folks interested in improving their town. 394 more words


Something You Didn't Know About Coffee

I am a coffee hound and I thought I knew everything about brewing a good cup. But I didn’t know this

(Coffee) grounds release a burst of carbon dioxide when hot water hits them—a process called blooming. 56 more words

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Polygons - The Origami Measuring Spoon

“Unless your measuring spoons are all tethered together (which is annoying unto itself) you’ve probably spent too much time sifting through kitchen drawers trying to find the one you need. 99 more words


Tiny House Tips & Ideas - An Introduction To Meal Planning

I previously brought up the subject of meal plans, and promised to expand on it.
So, here are some reasons why YOU (yes, YOU!) should consider becoming an obsessive meal planner like me. 1,589 more words

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