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Veggie Stock Paste 

As good as I’ve gotten at avoiding unnecessary packaging, I still always use store bought stock, largely for convenience. But I decided when this was one area I could really do better in, and I’m also trying to eat less meat… so I found a recipe for a vegetable stock paste that I can store in the fridge and just add to water and voila, liquid vegetable stock! 219 more words


The WB Life: Bitchin'

Hello my lovelies! It’s official. I am now a proper Bitch. Working part time at Good Bitches as of this coming week. I was nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award. 502 more words

The WB Life

Homemade Butter

Making your own butter isn’t just for the off-the-grid homesteaders or Amish. Making your own butter is actually quick, easy and CHEAP! I honestly don’t understand why butter costs so much at the store. 379 more words


waiting for Godot . . . e.g., a stand mixer at last!

I’m no Spring Chicken. For a long time now, I’ve been yearning for a Kitchenaid stand mixer. I’ve ordered one and returned it without opening the box. 385 more words


Will it fit in my new home?

In just under two months I will be moving into my first solo apartment. I have been extremely lucky to live with amazing roommates for the last 7 years, but the time has arrived and I will be getting my own place. 267 more words


The Benefits of a Convection Oven

A lot of people have a convection oven but rarely use this setting. I find that people tend to shy away from the convection setting because they are not familiar with it. 243 more words

konyha pasztell árnylatokkal/ pastel kitchen

Világos konyha pasztell árnyalatú kiegészítőkkel. Szerintem tökéletesen illik ehhez a szép tavaszi időhöz:)