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KitchenAid Roller & Cutter Attachment - User Guide 

If you love authentic pasta, they you know that the handmade fresh pasta and store bought pastas are miles miles apart. The soft, silky, melt in the mouth homemade pastas are out of the world. 423 more words


I'm Feeling Blue

Welcome to my third, and still not perfect, attempt at making French macarons. You join me in the midst of an epic battle between following the recipe and still not being totally happy with the results. 1,003 more words


Birthday (kind of)

It all started when I told my husband he couldn’t buy me a KitchenAid mixer.

My husband and I don’t really do presents. It isn’t that we don’t love one another, it’s just that I always find a better use for the money. 729 more words


Product of a Twisted Mind

Blah blah blah Scott. Blah blah blah anxiety disorder. Blah blah blah baking! Now that we’ve got that covered, we can get on to the good stuff. 967 more words


Rainy Day = Baking Day

Not much rivals baking in my warm house when it looks like the sky is falling down outside. Yesterday I baked something I have been craving for weeks, Semlor! 1,046 more words


In the Dumps

DISCLAIMER:  You will be seeing pictures of a very messy apartment and I am embarrassed, but I feel like it’s only necessary to document my progress and encourage others to do the same. 508 more words

KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers

Make your KitchenAid stand mixer more versatile with this white KitchenAid food grinder attachment. Easy to assemble, attach and clean, it comes with fine and coarse plates, a stomper and a wrench. 20 more words

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