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Fresh Summer Music From Richard Garvey

Independent artist Richard Garvey has a long history of making his own way. He’s finished two tours exclusively on his bike, independently produced seven albums and focuses his creative energy on issues surrounding the environment, social change and community building. 330 more words


The Evolution of the Immigrant Experience In Kitchener-Waterloo

In 2009, the twin cities lead the country in hate crime. Kitchener-Waterloo was  sitting at 17.9 hate fuelled offences per 100,000 people, a number that had tripled from 2008. 2,025 more words


The Great Coup of 1916: 2 The Start of the Process; May 1915

Nine and a half months into the war, no decisive military success had been registered, and public enthusiasm which overflowed in August 1914 began to wane [1] By May 1915 the protagonists had been entrenched in a stalemate on the Western Front for around six months and the Dardanelles Campaign was beginning to feel like a very costly failure. 2,384 more words

Secret Elite

spotlight on: seven shores cafe

The good thing about the KW area is that there’s a surprising number of cute cafes and I’ve been trying to go to all of them. 365 more words


Wandering Waterloo

Yet another adventure has come and gone this past weekend for myself and Jake, but this time, it was not an area we have ever thought of exploring. 835 more words


Team Review, 4

Barrie @ Kitchener

Barrie Miners
Just fell short in their inaugural season (34-22) in the GLBL, chasing the Monarchs all season long. Key players lost, key holes to fill. 149 more words


Craig Markham - Diffusing Tense Situations

If there is one strength that Craig Markham has developed over the course of his professional career, it is the ability to handle tense and sensitive situations. 231 more words