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Walking the Beaches - Fishing and Surfin

The spit of land extended about half a kilometre into the lagoon, and we had to double back a long distance to traverse the muddy inlet behind.  603 more words





At Torquay’s Bells Beach…

I found…

three similar, but different props.

back in mid November.

This appeared to be the most fun and… 30 more words


Speed demon

Kitesurfer at Gnaraloo beach

Kiting seems like a tasty hobby

...through The Lens

#85: How to Take Advantage of the Wind (Go Kite-Surfing!)

Coming straight to you from Isla Mujeres, footage from our very first kite-surfing sessions of 2016!  What can I say?  With the shipyard work and ocean-crossing, it’s been a busy year, but Phillip and I absolutely love kite-surfing and we seize any opportunity we can to get out, pump up our kites and take advantage of the wind (even when it means knocking a little kite rust off and crashing here and there).   22 more words


Black and White Tuesday16-1115


Black and White Tuesday

 November 15, 2016


Kite surfing…

at Torquay…


Looked to be more fun than board surfing.



Hope you enjoyed.



Kite Surfing! A fantastic new hobby to add to the ever growing list ;-)

After getting married on the 28th May 2016, Charlotte and I decided on a 2 week honeymoon to Mauritius at the beginning of July.

This was after many discussions about where to go, somewhere hot, somewhere with beaches, somewhere to relax etc. 800 more words

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