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Cities Less Traveled | Marbella's Best Day Trips

While you can mingle with the glamorous nightlife of Marbella or relax and stroll through the quaint and picturesque side of the town, don’t forget about the surrounding areas. 521 more words


Skills Drills #3 Looping Down the Line.

This Skill Drill is for the more experienced kite surfer. If you are capable of boosting jumps consistently, can easily preform a toe side turn, then you should be ready to take this challenge. 295 more words


Kite surfing with Strapless Surfboards

If you are new to kiteboarding chances are you learned to ride using a good sized twin tip complete with foot straps and pads. And maybe you have even moved on to riding a smaller twin tip for better edging and jumping. 801 more words


Spring Festival in Vietnam - Tet

Tet is the biggest festival in Vietnam and celebrates the Vietnamese New Year. Officially the holidays are from 17th until 23rd February, although the 18th – 23rd are the main days of celebration (though the dates can vary year on year). 552 more words


brave the wave...

On my way home from Seattle, Washington today,  I spotted this brave soul out in the waves at White Rock Beach. Although it’s not anything I’m even remotely interested in doing, I admire a person who puts down their electronic devices and heads for some real living on the waves. 9 more words


Gerroa Beach

Seven Mile Beach or ‘Gerroa Beach’ as it’s known to the locals, is an incredible stretch of beach to the South of THE SHED.  Fine white sand that seems to roll on forever (for 7 miles in fact!), sheltered rock pool areas and rolling waves in the Northern corner perfect for snorkelling or learning to surf and when the wind hits down beach an incredible playground for daredevil kite and wind surfers. 16 more words

The Philippines

There were two colourful marching bands playing for us as we disembarked and were given beads and a fan to welcome us to the Philippines. 771 more words

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