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The Council of Paper Kites

An unmoving kite
In the sky,
An unmoving kite,
Pastel in red and white.

A lonely kite
Roaming in the sky,
A lonely kite,
Searching for life. 31 more words


Kites rise highest...

Kenneth Kaunda says, “When you search for honey you must expect to be stung by bees.” The darker the night, the brighter the stars.

Every thorny path is a blessing in disguise. 166 more words

Outdoor Fun Shark Sport Kite without handle Line high

Typical kites consist of one or two ‘spars’, to which a fabric or paper sail is attached. Classical kites (like those in ancient China) use bamboo, rattan, or some other flexible wood for the spars, and silk for the sails. 196 more words


Today has started bright and clear. Sun leaping over the eastern horizon to begin the process of heating my life to a comfortable level, and no more I hope. 58 more words

Flash Friday #1: "Mick Fleetwood"

Every Friday I’ll be posting a new piece of flash fiction, inspired by suggestions given to me the week before by you, dear readers (the suggestions that inspired each flash appear at the end of their story). 1,593 more words


On being a kite

I was born with the soul of a kite. At birth my balsa wood, tissue paper, and string, were barely able to sustain altitude.

Eventually, I learned that a proper tail, rudder if you will, would help me stay balanced; would help me manage the lift that came oh so naturally. 144 more words


Monsoon Feeling (3)

A lonely kite in the heavens

Was ambushed by pummeling rainwater

As a lonely child saw his dream washed away

As a fragile kite┬átore into pieces… 26 more words