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Love Notes to Time

Clouds swirled noon into evening
Old rain jumped from forever evergreens
Into the open mouths of concrete covers,
Against bricks and also against transparencies invading vulnerable bodies… 56 more words


Bad News for Bee-eaters

I checked up on the Bee-eaters a couple of days ago. According to the website the watchers noticed a change in behaviour a couple of weeks ago, with adults no longer taking food into the nests. 113 more words

Bird Watching

आज़ाद पतंगें

आज ऑफिस से वापस घर आते वक़्त यूँ ही आसमान पे नज़र गयी तो आसमान कुछ छितरे सफ़ेद बादलों के साथ बचपन की उस बात की पुष्टि करता दिखा जब माँ ने बताया था कि ‘15 अगस्त और जन्माष्टमी पे बारिश ज़रूर होती है!’ तभी चौराहे पे झंडा दिखा तो ये भी ध्यान आ गया कि आज 14 अगस्त है और कल है 15 अगस्त, यानि स्वतंत्रता दिवस |

Seven Lessons to Learn from the Kite Runner

In the city where we now lived, kite-flying has been a common sight as the Independence Day of India is approaching.  Young men and children throng the few open spaces available in the city. 708 more words


Washington State International Kite Festival

Coming soon to the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State.

With Dad at the W.S.I.K.F.

With Dad at the 8th annual W.S.I.K.F. in 1989. The goal, one Million kites in the air ? 16 more words


kite flying day

I am not good at taking pictures, do not have a professional camera and have never thought of being a photographer!

Surprisingly I started a new habit to look at any surroundings and take some photos ( using my phone camera) ! 113 more words