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Kites and Almost Kites in August 2015

Kites and Almost Kites in August 2015

This is an unusually lucky month.  Kites tend to be relatively rare, and August 2015 is full of them.   222 more words


Flying Kites

The best memories are made when you are able to unplug from technology and enjoy more simple things.  This is exactly what we did this past weekend when we took the little monkeys out to fly kites. 284 more words


Royston 2015. Hitching a ride

It took us an age to organise our antenna but by 13.00 we were live and catching signals from Europe. The wind was an on and off affair with the wire dropping at irregular intervals, even though the kite was well clear of the local rotor it proved impossible to keep the wire vertical for more than 5 minutes at a time. 277 more words


Kites of Spring

The young boy stood at the mouth of the trail, a wide berth at the end of a long winding path shrouded in large oak trees and wispy southern pines. 756 more words


Weekend Snapshots: Could I Learn To Like Weekends LikeThis?

There is no doubt this summer our weekends are not about kayaking this river or kayaking that river. With no kayaking allowed (for my husband) we have been doing our best to find other activities to do on our weekends, which at times has been quite a challenge. 510 more words


Just as Susu’s was hidden away in an apartment building, we had to walk by a restaurant hostess in what seemed like a municipal or office building to an elevator in order to ascend to the kite museum in Tokyo. 106 more words

sharks steal no swimming sign haiku

sharks knock off at six
everyone’s in the ocean
lifeguards have gone home

you’ll happen upon
two guys from Dirty Dancing
doing the lift scene… 198 more words