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Horti-fun in Guatemala, Day 1

There’s nothing like trying to get your head around all the strange sounds of the Kaqchikel Maya language, except maybe being 8 hours late arriving due to “weather” in the capital, Guatemala City. 421 more words


Chart Analysis for MM born 1954-04-03

I have not done an individual chart online for several years, and this will be the first.  (I still have several others “in the queue” yet to be done.) 928 more words


Single Syllable Writing

I’ve been thinking about how constraints allow a different kind of creativity. Last month students tried two poetry exercises I promised would yield poems they wouldn’t have otherwise written. 347 more words

Daily WP

Baja Again - More Margs, More Fun, and One More Man

Quickly becoming a tradition, the 2manventure studs exploited Southwest’s checked bag policy and escaped down to the southern tip of the Baja peninsula for some Mexican wind (and most importantly the famous baja Marg) powered fun. 699 more words


"Let's go fly a kite..................."

When #1 son returned from wherever young adults with their licences and a car go, and informed me that there was a kite festival near his old, senior-school campus, the kite song from the film ‘Mary Poppins’ leapt into my brain and played on repeat until I was actually at the park with all the kites. 460 more words



By Gordon Rugg

Kites are an awesome invention. I’d originally thought of doing an article about concepts that they illustrate, such as why an anvil-shaped kite is amusing, but it’s a grim day in November, so I’ll just post some pictures of kites, as a reminder that life contains good things as well as bad. 522 more words