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Best places to fly kites in Singapore

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Besides being a great spot for picnics, Marina Barrage’s wide open space is arguably the most popular location on the island for flying kites. 397 more words


Stevenson Volny 9/27/2016 How to Make a Basic Kite. Kites are known as objects or toys that children play with, but most importantly do you know where and when they were invented? According to the Society of Anglo-Chinese of Understanding, kites are from ancient China; it is believed that the first kite was made by Mo Di (468-376 B.C.). There are many different type kites, and they can come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. The most popular and basic ones are made in a shape of a star or a snowflake with three coconut sticks, and they are easy to make if you follow the steps correctly. When you are making kite, the first step is to gather all of the necessary tools or materials in one place because you want to stay organized throughout the process. The tools that are required are coconut sticks, plastic bags, blades, strings, ribbon or tail, a ruler, and a scissor. There are other materials that you can use, for instance bamboo sticks, tapes, but they are not required when making a basic kite. Always make sure that the coconut sticks are dry first if they are fresh out of the coconut tree. The reason why the coconut sticks have to be dry is because they are considered as the backbone of the kite, so if they are weak, the kite can easily break or collapse in the air. Choosing any type of plastic to use can be a disastrous idea; therefore, they are very important when making a kite because some of them are too light and some others are too heavy. The light ones mostly cause a lot of damage to the body of the kite because the plastic is not strong enough to hold the air pressure, and if they are too heavy, the kite will not fly unless there is a storm underway. Blades are not really important when making a kite, but they can be very useful when playing a game between friends, family, or even strangers called the kite war. The goal of the game is to cut the other person’s string while in the air with a blade tying to the end of tail or ribbon. Strings are very important because when you are making kite you cannot just use any type of strings; you have to make sure that the one you are using is strong enough to do the job. A ribbon or a tail is useful because it keeps the kite balanced in the air, but it is not necessary. Scissors are important when you have to cut stuff, such as plastic bags, strings, because they are safer than using blades. After gathering all of the necessary tools and learning how useful they are when making a kite, you are now ready to make your first kite. Excited? The second step is having all of the coconut sticks in your hands, and make sure they are all the same length; the length only depends on how big of kite you want to make. Now take two out of the three sticks, and tie them up together in the center with a sewing string or any other strings that are strong enough. At first the shape should always be looking like an X or a cross; always make sure that you tie up the sticks very strong, then add the third stick horizontally centered the first two sticks and tie them again. Now the shape should be looking like a star or a snowflake, and keep on tying until the kite can stand by itself. It is very important to use a ruler or some king of measuring tool to measure each side of the kite to confirm that they are equal before covering it up with the plastic. You can apply some glue on the sticks to enforce the kite, but it is not necessary; always ensure that the glue is dry first before proceeding the next step. The third step is go all around with the string and tie each end of the coconut sticks; there should be six ends. You are now finally ready to lay plastic on the kite; take your scissor and cut the plastic bag open, and lay it on the kite to see if it fits. Afterwards, tie every end with a small piece of string, and always remember to flex the plastic on the kite because if it is too loose the kite will not fly. Once all the sides are tied up, now you can cut the extra plastic, or you can also make designs with it to make the kite even more beautiful. The fourth step is to add string to the kite in order for it to fly, the simplest to do so is to cut two pieces of string; the length depends on how wide the kite is, then tie the first piece of string at each of the top ends of kite, also do the same for the bottom. The shape should be looking like a V. Now pierce a small hole through the plastic in the center where you first tied the sticks together; therefore, you can pass the rest of the string that you tied the coconut sticks with through the hole. If the string is too short, you can always add to it. Now tie in a knot the top V shaped string equally to the one in the center, also do the same for the bottom you want to add a tail or a ribbon to your kite. Now you have successfully completed you kite. The fifth step which is the hardest part is to fly the kite. Find an open space to fly your kite, and if the wind is not strong enough have a friend, family member, or anyone else to hold it up in air. So, you can now finally enjoy your kite. Kites have been around for a long time, and they are still very popular around the world especially in Haiti. Kites are considered as a cultural tradition. When I was in Haiti I used to make a lot money in kite’s season by making them in different shapes, sizes and sold them to kids particularly. Therefore, if you are thinking of an interesting activity to do with your family or friends, I suggest kites because they are really worth time that you put into it by having a good time, and it also shows creativity.

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