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This Feeling of Love

This feeling of love

made me as high as a kite

gave my imagination wings

I wanted to fly to the skies

glide along with the clouds… 123 more words



you’re light, chibuike


truly, chibuike,
not all nights have a heart to bring the stars
from hiding beneath the sky
when at sunset, peace is not a dove returning… 259 more words


Geom: Sept 28th - Oct 2nd

This week we went over Parallelograms, Rectangles, Squares, Rhombuses, Kites, and Trapezoids. Below you can find the notes.


Paper Kites

Throughout my life I have felt like a paper kite nearly ready to fly but every time it feels as if my strings get cut. After a while this becomes incredible tiring and disheartening. 569 more words


1st Oct 2015 flaky wind on Midsummer Common

The last wire snapped in place, connections checked..the case screwed shut at last and almost no wind. High pressure and an dominant NorEasterly are never good in these parts and so it proved to be- the one lifter (the Jones 8’Rok) that would have delivered the required power was left at home. 255 more words


Kite Flying Suspended Until Further Notice

I haven’t been able to fly a kite for the past couple of weeks.  And it looks like it will be a few more weeks until I fly again.   70 more words


Festival of the Winds @ Bondi Beach

This will be short and sweet as for this event, the photos really do say it all. The Festival of the Winds happens each year on Bondi Beach to welcome spring into Sydney in a big (like, really big) colourful way: kite flying. 168 more words