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Deacon's Corner

I cannot help but wonder about the name behind a restaurant called Deacon’s Corner. Is this place supposed to be a hangout for deacons? Do they receive any discounts at the restaurant? 351 more words


Cupcakes - What a tragedy!

I don’t buy cupcakes very often. It’s not that I don’t like them (I’ll certainly devour them if they are there), but I do find them to be a little too dainty. 625 more words


West coast goes white

It doesn’t snow in Vancouver very often but when it does panic typically ensues on streets and sidewalks.

About 7 cm fell at Vancouver International Airport yesterday with higher amounts reported to the north and east. 34 more words


At last, a sunset!

It takes a good sunset to entice me to take its picture these days – or maybe it was just the novelty of actually seeing a sunset? 310 more words


It's Time to Visit Stock Home

… that would be the Vancouver store known as Stock Home, located at 3060 West Broadway.

The store window of this Kitsilano shop, with its ridiculously sweet Bukowski bears from Sweden, drew me in a few weeks ago. 101 more words


Coffee @ Terra Breads

Nice coffee from Terra Breads – actually their breads were great as well!

솔솔하게 맛진 가게 발견.. :)



Vegan Family Visits Vancouver BC

This vegan family LOVES Vancouver in beautiful ‘Super-Natural British Columbia’!

There is just so much to do for families… and it seems to have it all: Mountains, sun, sea, sand, restaurants, museums, theatre… To sit on Kitsilano Beach in the hot sun, with a sparkling, twinkling ocean looking out at the snow capped mountains is really something else. 1,975 more words