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The Road, by Cormac McCarthy

If your pet peeve is punctuation and indentation then The Road may not be for you. It is my pet peeve and I was having a very hard time reading the book. 226 more words


Hush Moss | It Takes A Lot | Album Review

Given the way that the UK and its people currently seem to be falling about each other, one side trying to finger the other with blame for the situation we now find ourselves in, it’s times like these when you really appreciate being distracted from the desperate sadness of it all. 410 more words


Book Review: A Fox's Love by Brandon Varnell

I received this for free in exchange for an honest review.

Why hello there friends! I think I am making it through my millions of books at a relatively good pace here. 379 more words

Book Reviews

Kawaii Metal

Kawaii means “cute” in japanese. “Kawaii-Metal” = “Cute-Metal”

105 more words

Art trade!

Hey there! I’m pretty excited for this post. So, Dani and I finally decided to do an art trade! YAY! She’s pretty awesome with inks and watercolors, and her shiba-inu illustrations are the most sweet, chubby and adorable dogs ever! 70 more words

Spirit Walker..

I’m a spirit walker,
An entity with access to all the secrets of the universe,
The boundaries I break to open the heart’s deepest locker, 364 more words

Philosophy Of Life


Hengeyokai have access to an exclusive feat.  With this ability they may improve their animal form to make it more combat capable.


You have become a paragon for your people.  

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