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20.) The Ashen Samurai

The Warlord’s anger grew unlimited, raining down harsh punishment for any detractors of authority. A ruling by fear was his only understanding. When one small village dared claim his rule too violent and disrespectful, he sent two-hundred soldiers to burn the village, killing all of them, as example to everyone in his territory.

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Review: Infusion by Kelley Armstrong

Narrated by the vicious and ruthless, Malcolm Danvers, Infusion sheds light on future Alpha, Jeremy Danver’s conception and birth mother. In doing so, it helps to bring forth some useful information about Jeremy’s heritage and the odd symbol he keeps finding himself attracted to during the Women of the Otherworld series.

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The Good, The Bad, and the Teen Wolf

I started Teen Wolf when it premiered in 2011, but dropped off after the first season because that was a traumatic year I wasn’t all that into it. 1,848 more words


comforting thoughts.

I don’t think I take household chores seriously and do them as often as I should because honestly cleaning my room, sorting out my clothes, ironing them, sorting out old books, cooking feels therapeutic somehow. 446 more words

Foxy kitsune socks will have you looking Shinto-chic

Much like “humdinger” and “roughneck,” “foxy” is one of those words that’s far past its golden age. But really, why shouldn’t it be used to describe an attractively fashionable woman, especially is she’s sporting a pair of these cute… 296 more words


The Kitsune Series


Artist Name: AmaSepia

Artist’s Statement

I’ve been experimenting with iPad art programs like Brushes and SketchbookPro since I was 11, and trying to find ways to improve my digital art skills. 613 more words

Visual Art

Chapter 4: Initiation

When Dylan arrived at the national shrine in Bayonheim to have his tama activated three days ago, he was blindfolded along with the five other men and women who wanted to become mystics. 3,193 more words