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Night Fox – Comic Post #090: A Change Of Plans

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Hmm… These blueprints are being brought up again? 264 more words


Little Fox (Part 6)

“Hi!” The soft voice came from in front of them, and the last thing they were expecting was the pretty girl they had noticed from afar standing there, smiling. 267 more words


Many tails

Photo via Visualhunt

Naoki slipped through the shadows, his bow in hand. His hunt had so far been unsuccessful and he knew if he didn’t find food soon his parents would go to bed hungry for the third night in a row. 454 more words


Little Fox (Part 5)

It was the first, and last, time that Makoto would ever skip a class. But really, the hope being dashed time and time again…and this time from a Hunter themselves. 245 more words


Little Fox (Part 4)

They had been careful, trying to not stand out. It wasn’t hard, with the sheer number of people who just looked…different. Maybe it would all be okay. 378 more words


Eroticism | Further Research

After my tutorial last week, where I was just told over and over to do more research, and with the fast approaching deadline, I have felt rather overwhelmed for the last week. 77 more words