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Dreams & My New Lamp


Sorry for the late update but I was at a friend’s house and literally just got home! Well, I just finished making porridge. Why was I making porridge, I hear you ask. 145 more words

Set Up

Hey guys,

So I’m currently going through set up for my Youtube videos! And I found some fabric in my rather large fabric basket which I love. 171 more words

Sprite Animations

Hey all,

So I’ve been trying my hand at pixel animation thanks to a very-easy-to-use website and I’m trying to create lil sprite animations o my future mascot! 91 more words

Jupiter - 'Saké'

“Saké” begins as a regular, fun indie pop song, but the really fun kicks in once the lyrics are over and the stopping electro beat appears from nowhere. 13 more words

Protecting the Gates: Shrine Guardians

Today I am going to talk about many of the guardian animals associated with Shinto. When visiting a Shinto shrine, one of the first things one sees are a pair of foxes, lion-dogs or other creatures. 639 more words


The Fox in the Hornbeam

Noa trudged through the muck, careful not to get stuck in any of the deep holes the rain pounded into the soil the night before. It was the middle of the rainy season. 1,707 more words