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Are these two of THE most stunning kitteh pix you’ll EVAH come across, or what? “Hi, I thought I needed to send this to you because, well, you’re Cute Overload and this could possibly be the cutest kitten to ever grace the face of the earth,” writes Linda S. 146 more words


…now can SOMEONE please get me a paper towel for all this formula?? It’s 5pm PT on a Friday, so let’s get some GIF ACTION going! (Photo from The Furrtographer, natch.)

Hang On, Josie!

Josie needs your help, people. Besides having the most stunning set of peepers known to mankind, Josie suffered kidney failure Wednesday night. “My friend’s very cute goofball of a cat Josie is sick. 29 more words

"It's Toesday? Wake Me On Wombat Wednesday."

It looks like Dingo The Kitteh is just gonna pass on today. Seeya tomorrow, Big D. From Mari L.