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Say hi to The Floof That Is Gustave. (He’s a ResQte, too- YAY! And do we detect just the sliiiiightest hint of a Baroo?) (Reddit.)

Pawshank Redemption

(Imgur, where we stole borrowed the “Pawshank” reference. FYI.) 48 more words

Old Blue Eyes Is Back

Now this is one Turkish Angora Kitteh I would LOVE to get into a stare down with. By all rights he should be named Francis Albert… 16 more words

Sniff. SNIFF? SNEEF!!!!

That’s a wrap for C.O. for the week- stand by for Rats, It’s Monday…Headline THIS..Dwight The Turtle…AND…C.O. Trading Cards #4!

You Think This Lady Wants A Kitteh?

My bet is……yes.

Smedley with the credit on this.

ResQte Of The Week: Spokane, WA.

Got a great email from Glenna M., who just had to submit a photo of one of her fosters. This is Mozart! However, he’s not available…#BOO. 107 more words

Batman Head + White Sox

Makes for a most compelling combo, no? (Imgur.)