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Caturday Night Ribbon Crazies

I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this!


According to RN24, people seem to think that Maya The Cat is imitating her hoomin in saying “Ohayō,” which is the “three-syllable Japanese greeting for good morning.” … 13 more words

Best Toesday Photo Ever. Right Here.

The above Feature Photo wins the award. Bang. Done. (Well, if there WAS an award.)

“I would like to submit a few pictures of my super cute cat: Jiro,” writes Gigi W. 21 more words

Throwback Thursday

These photos were taken nearly 13 years ago! This is Borgia as a kitten. I had stripped my bed to do laundry and Borgia decided she wanted to play. 34 more words


Headline THIS: “Mothership, Commence Laser Targeting Sequence On My Mark…”

(*Update, 1:05pm PT: Thanks to Kathy_A!)

Look of Disapproval, Impending Doom, there are so many tags to put on this one. But what about a headline? 73 more words

Geno & Friends

Why have one cute critter per post, when we can just as easily squeeze three in there? Let’s do it! “Hi there! This is my boyfriend’s adorable new kitteh, Geno,” says Jessica G. 18 more words