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#AtoZChallenge R

Oliver Here,
Today’s letter is “R” and the word is “Runt”. When you look at my rather full physique, it’s hard to imagine that I was born the runt of the litter. 67 more words


The Kitten in my boot- Prose poetry

Meow-Meow the sound, filled the void around. Came I looking, to know what I have known. Amidst a pair of boots perched a tiny kitten; with sassy spirit, gullible wit, Oh! 118 more words


Chocho - haiku

He’s a yellow cat,

With a hurt back and couldn’t walk.

Much love is showered.

Chocho is one of two kittens that survive of 4 of Mother Prengil. 36 more words


The Tale Of Tom Kitten DjVu

29/05/2011 The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends by Beatrix Potter Playlist: //youtube/playlist?p=PL03F1587B1163D554 Some naughty kittens mess up their clothes when they promise to keep clean for visitors! 331 more words