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Well, here we go...

In 11 days, I’m off to Denver.  (Yes, my sister is going with.)  At this point, I’m just anxious to get up there and get all this finished.  312 more words


what does it mean when your cat licks you

Dogs may lick our faces — remember Lucy from “Peanuts” exclaiming, “Aaack, dog germs!” after a kiss from exuberant beagle Snoopy? — but cats are more refined in their public displays of affection. 505 more words

Small dogs,



Small dogs,

cry out for the mummy.

You think is the sweet and wants to have it immediately.

Only you do not often think of his duty. 158 more words


Imagine if you so need to life.

So to eat than a bowl of an old frying pan.

In our lives instead of plates, tin bowls.

An old car seat, as a berth in our lives, instead of an old mattress with a bed, used without a bed. 141 more words


Fish Are Friends

Most people have best friends. Us cats, we have best fish. Everyone talks about how cats are fickle, unfilial, cold, snobbish…the list goes on. But really, that is only 90% true. 148 more words

Kitty Muse

Kibz \m/

kibbleisherekibbleisherekibbleishereKIBBLE IS HERE EARLY!!! YES!!!!!!!!

Kitty Food