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New trending GIF on Giphy

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cat, kitty, kitten, instructions, chin scratch, cuddly kitten
via Giphy http://ift.tt/2nIrden


Episode 12, Part 6

@bsprettykitty for the submission of the wonderful Kitty (AKA Poop-head):

“ This Kitty aka Poop-head. She is 10 years old and grumpy. She enjoys long naps, eating then puking, and she has a massive stash of catnip toys hidden somewhere… “ 77 more words

Another Wreck

Day before yesterday, I was peacefully knitting in the living room when I heard a loud noise.  Crashity-boom-boom-BANG!  “It sound like someone coming in with an empty trailer,” I thought, “only they’re going way too fast.”  It seemed to go on and on, though, so I got up to look.   402 more words


Happy #TRT - Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 139)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking  429 more words


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If you are like me, you can't get enough of kitty tummies. Join your furry tummies with the rest through this great blog... Here's mine: [caption id="attachment_1425" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Quinn[/caption]