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Good Morning ! I am here to wake you !

I love been waken up by my cat and my mom loves it too, since she’s always laughing when Kitty looks at the bed and then jumps to check up on me. 47 more words


"Ya flea bitten varmint!"

Sphinx: “Dear sir, I do believe you have bed bugs. Something has just bitten me in the…tail!”


A Tale of Two Kitties...and a Mouse

Ben and I are not big on cats. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we don’t like them, we just don’t really feel the need to go out of our way to get one. 651 more words


Kitties From Spaaaaace

I came across this on Society6 today and had to share. I’m a dog person, but also kind of love nice cats. I also really love astronaut cats. 16 more words

Graphic Design Related

Kitty - Welcome, Princess!

Our pets celebrate the birth of a new princess – congratulations!


Rude Awakening

Widget: “Huh?”
Tribble: “I said…MORNING, IT’S CATURDAY!”


Abandonment Issues

From the Desk of Prince Woody

Mom and Sis have been planning to go to Tibet since the end of last year.  I know they’ve put a lot of effort into the arranging it, but I can’t stand the thought of them abandoning me.  164 more words