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Looking for a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity?

As KIVU takes a turn to expand through the world, our first new program will be in Washington D.C.  We’re excited to lock arms with… 358 more words


The Final KIVU Camp Begins Today

For the last 15 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing a Best in Class Summer Camp experience for teenagers 12-19 years old.  We’ve had an incredible ride, and today marks the beginning of the last two weeks at our location in Bayfield. 908 more words

Andy's Life

Weekend Trip: Kibuye

The theme of the next few posts will be “a week or more late”. Sorry friends!

The weekend of the 19th I ventured to Kibuye with another EWHer, Kevin, and eventually our coordinator, Katie, who met us there. 1,224 more words

New Group: Same Stats

We welcomed our second group of KIVU campers at our place in Durango. It’s always interesting when one group takes off and another comes in. The work done through 14 days is so dramatic, that when a new group starts the process it’s pretty eye opening. 747 more words

Andy's Life

And so it begins...TODAY!

Today we are about to open the gates for the 15th time in a row.  Fifteen years we’ve welcomed teenage students from around the world to create and environment where we can Love God and Love Others.   238 more words


Hippos and haircuts

I spent the night of my 30th birthday with 10,000 hippos. They were a blast! As today is another of my birthdays I am remembering that one with fondness. 534 more words


Velton's Rwanda Kivu Kigeyo

I’ve been wanting to try some Velton’s Coffee for years, seeing it featured in so many of the Seattle Coffee Gear videos I’ve watched. I recently started receiving coffee to review from the… 422 more words