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Sarah Rowse - DR Congo / Burundi - A report from a little known crisis

“There was something particularly undignified at seeing teenagers – on the cusp of adulthood – forced to sit on makeshift benches more akin to what one would find in a nursery school.” 1,186 more words


DRC365 #112

See the world. DRC is open to tourism and in recent months there have been concerted efforts to advertise the sights and attractions of the Kivus; the gorillas, an active volcano and the lake in its turquoise blue. Visitors are welcome!

Humanitarian Aid Work

Il faut mettre fin à tout ça!(débout jeune congolais)

photo credit: france24

Je ne serais pas entrain d’écrire ceci si mon neveu n’avait pas amené le sujet au tapis. C’était je crois mardi avant midi et la conversation à durer trois jours (via facebook) et ça m’a beaucoup trop touché et me voila entrain d’écrire sur un sujet que je n’aurai jamais imaginé abordé sur ce blog, du moins pas pour le moment mais bon parfois il faut savoir se laisser faire et exprimer tout ce qu’on ressent. 893 more words

Mes Histoires

Weekly Photo Challenge: Looking into the Future by Looking into the Past

These photos taken on Lake Kivu in Rwanda last week are a second submission to this week’s photo challenge: Future.

When we look at anything we are looking into the past as the light from the event, even an event like a lightning strike, takes time to reach our eyes. 22 more words


College, and the Pressure to Grow Up

Can you imagine being 15 years old and having to decide what you want to do with your life?

Several of my professor friends (who want to remain off the record for obvious reasons) describe the incoming university freshman class’s maturity level equal to that of a 15-year-old’s only a decade ago. 1,014 more words

Andy's Life

A Boat Trip to the Hot Springs

One of the things we wanted to do whilst here in Gisenyi was to take a trip to the Hot Springs. A result geological conditions here in the Rift Valley and the location on the volcano ( … 307 more words


DRC365 #84

The Escarpement. There are a few journeys that remain fixed in my memories, either due to the stunning beauty or difficult ride. I took this shot during a much needed leg stretch on a five hour trip.

Humanitarian Aid Work