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Long story short, I forgot my laptop with all my new stuff. Thankfully I brought in tow a bag of recent finds from recent record store digs. 164 more words


Soundtracks of our life the final

The last day of the project was very active, we had been encouraged by Kieron to do healthy critique on other people works, where decided in groups and did short presentation each, wrote down the  feedback for a other artist, then choose the best works and presented the ones. 71 more words

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I don’t play many games. I like the social atmosphere that springs up around board games like Settlers of Catan. Actually playing them, though, is my least favorite part. 345 more words


Soundtracks of our lifes

three soundtracks from our life’s.  After choosing my songs I decided to use colour to reinterpretate feelings that music evokes. I started to do my colour sketches in sketchbook while I was choosing songs, and from there 354 more words

Core Workshops

Mandate Radio: Ep. 109 (11/4/2015)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 109 (11/4/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete and Frank talk life, love, and Frank’s udder hands in this weeks Mandate Radio (oh yeah, and about games too).   101 more words



Review by Chris

I wanted to take the time to spotlight a delightful little game for the iOS.

When looking to purchase a simple, quickly engaging puzzle game for the iOS, Kiwanuka is a solid choice. 138 more words


Two favourite African churches

We’re a wonderfully varied people at St C’s and that’s expressed in lots of different ways, not least in the choice of favourite churches. It’s wonderful to think of the many links we have with brother and sister Christians around the world. 222 more words