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Constellations and Kiwis

“That’s a kiwi blowing its nose.”

I grinned, quiet at first, but a couple of seconds later, I had to fight the urge to dissolve into laughter as the picture of a kiwi stretching out his wing to enfold the end of his long beak in a Kleenex danced in my head. 2,553 more words

New Zealand

Frog Frenzy!

Kiwi the frog is among the most sought after beanie boos. He is retired and has been for some time, so all generations of Kiwi fetch top dollar on eBay. 318 more words

Blog 1 - Pre-departure

As some of you know, I have finally decided to embark on my first study abroad journey… in my last semester of my undergraduate career! I have chosen to do my studies by traveling half-way around the world to the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. 292 more words

New Zealand


JUICEPEEL by Naoto Fukusawa are packages for juice products that resemble the colour and texture of their contents to the extreme. Made using simulated plastic, which is used in creating fake fruits for display and toy fruits, these products have been somehow moulded into impeccable geometrical shapes as one would expect of a juice box. 110 more words

Our First Kiwis

Our Hayward Kiwi plants gave off their first fruit this year. The total and amazing yield is four kiwis. Our kiwi is 3 years-old. This winter we need to prune it without excuses. 209 more words


Ο Diplo και οι φίλοι του μας προτείνουν την πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα δικιά τους βερσιόν ενός χριστουγεννιάτικου compilation.

Μπορεί οι περισσότεροι από εσάς να έχετε συνηθίσει να γιορτάζετε τα Χριστούγεννα υπό τους ήχους της Μariah Carey, του Michael Bublé, της Mary J Blige, των Wham, και άλλων καλλιτεχνών που έχουν συνδέσει το όνομά τους με την εορταστική περίοδο, αλλά η Mad Decent – … 9 more words


"All black" cloud finally lifted?

Celebrations in Chitown

Located in one of the more unconventional locations in terms of international rugby, the Windy City will forever have a special place in the heart of Irish rugby fans as the Irish side beat the Kiwi’s for the first time in their history. 611 more words