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Cool Kids: Kix

Rating: 85%

1983 saw the return of Kix with their second album “Cool Kids.” Although, this album features a more of a New Wave style and is more commercialized, I really dig it from the time I first heard it way back then. 227 more words

Hard Rock

Beware of the unconscious bias

To see food products like Jif and Kix hold on to their timeworn, stereotypical catchphrases — all of it has reached a state of comicality. It certainly suggests absurdity and irrationality. 457 more words

Song of the Day: Tear Down The Walls by KIX

Tear Down The Walls

Standing in the dark
Closin’ in, I think I’m going under
Fell down so fast
From the words I heard a crash like thunder… 199 more words

Song Of The Day

#TuesdayTunes - Kix "Don't Close Your Eyes"

This was one of my favorite songs of the early 90’s. Back in the 80’s and 90’s all Heavy Metal Groups had their power ballads. This was the songs that we would put on our boom box’s and woo the girls.

ICOCA 1천엔에 사기

이름을 언급할 수 없는 어느 장작위키라던가, 영어 위키여행을 보면 ICOCA 최소금액이 (사실상) 2천엔이라는 내용이 있다.

하지만 KIX 공항 역의 JR 개찰구에서 ICOCA를 사면 1천엔에 구할 수 있다.

다른 기기는 어떤 지 모르겠지만, 적어도 내가 구매했던 기기는 1천엔으로 처리가 됐다. 영수증도 있다.

후쿠오카에서 샀던 하야카켄도 보증금포함 1천엔에 구매가 됐다.

이제 중요한 것은 이코카가 이어뮤 연동이 되느냐