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Is Rice Krispies really intended for only kids and moms?

Makers of breakfast foods have long been known for innovation.  New cereal and frozen foods hit the shelves regularly.

But it would seem that not everyone’s invited to the table. 291 more words

Song Of The Week: "Don't Close Your Eyes" by Kix

Reasons why this song remains totally rad:

1. It reminds me of my sophomore year of high school.

2. The music sounds like Duran Duran covering Aerosmith. 217 more words

Song Of The Week

Just out of kicks....

This one was actually unintentionally uttered by Chief Malaphor Hunter Mike Kovacs, and heard and submitted by his son Anthony.   It is a subtle mashup of “just out of curiosity” (asking an off topic question wanting to know the answer) and “just for kicks” (for the fun or thrill of it).   42 more words


Song of the Day: Don't Close Your Eyes by KIX

Don’t Close Your Eyes

What’s you’re doing out in the night time?
Won’t you call me on the phone?
Your mama can’t solve your problem… 132 more words

Song Of The Day

More stuff from the Magical Land of Parting Gifts

Some of our parting contestants will receive…..

Processed little balls that tastes like sawdust….

Detergent that will leave your clothes smelling like Stinky Pete’s mules….. 16 more words

Sale Of The Century

Cereal dater

Benny got me a 1957 Betty Crocker’s Cookbook For Girls And Boys for Christmas, and it’s inspiring me to resuscitate yet another subject category here that hasn’t seen much action lately: Quick & Delicious Dishes. 194 more words

Quick And Delicious Dishes