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Enjoy every moment!

Hard work is a cure for almost anything that ails you. Charlie and Yamaguchi Choro have been working day and night trying to find people to teach, and it seems to be paying off. 878 more words

Kyoto, city of ten thousand shrines

The next leg of our Japan tour is Kyoto. It was formerly the Imperial capital of Japan and has been given the nick-name “City of ten thousand shrines”. 221 more words


Asia Trip 2014: Kyoto, Japan

Oh geez. It’s been 3 months since my last post. Apologies for that! I have been really caught up with work, life, and other things. But anyway I really shouldn’t be slacking when it comes to writing these posts because I’m writing these for myself so that I can look back on them and be reminded of our amazing trip. 898 more words

The Boy

Winter in Kyoto

It was freezing cold in Japan. I wasn’t prepared at all. It’s like Deja Vu all over again (when I had my trip in Seoul… 146 more words


Kiyomizu-dera, Shoren-in nocą i nie tylko

Czas zacząć serię poświęconą konkretnym miejscom, które odwiedziłem. Tak naprawdę będzie to galeria zdjęć z niewielkim komentarzem dotyczącym danej świątyni jeśli takowy jest potrzebny. Zatem bez dodatkowego lania wody – zaczynamy! 1,293 more words


Lateral Japan trip II: Kyoto în roșu

Dragă prietene!

Sâmbătă am plecat dimineața pe la 10 din Kusatsu, o suburbie a Kyoto-ului, unde ne cazasem. Ajunși la Gara centrală din Kyoto am căutat minute bune niște dulapuri cu încuietoare pentru a ne lăsa bagajele. 253 more words


清水寺 Plunging into a Sea of Leaves

I’ve been lucky enough to get three extra days off university for ‘Dohshisha Eve’ (my university’s Christmas festival thing), giving me the chance to do some more wandering around Kyoto. 1,432 more words